back to article HPE has only gone full Kubernetes, pops open new Container Platform

HPE has announced its Kubernetes-based Container Platform, which can be deployed on bare metal, any public cloud or virtualized infrastructure. Availability is promised for early 2020. The HPE technology is based on open-source Kubernetes (K8s), supplemented by software from two recent acquisitions. BlueData, acquired in …

  1. Steve Button


    Looks like HP have chosen a bunch of FOSS projects which might work well together.

    Not really bringing anything to the party, are they?

    1. fredesmite

      Re: Yawn

      No - Stolen . renamed . FREE open-source and piss poor support

  2. Bill Bickle

    Huh - flashback

    I am flashing back to HP Cloud and HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Eucalyptus, and HP HelionStackato/Cloud Foundry, and even HP Bluestone middleware years before. Where HP tries to supply the broad market with a software offering that the market will not buy in any kind of volume.

    Similar to operating systems, virtualization software and even databases, these types of software layers are not ones where HP, or Cisco, or any hardware-centric company can be successful.

    I suspect this will live for 1-2 years and then they will need to migrate the 3-5 customers that bought into it, to a more widely adopted industry version of this kubernetes container type stuff - like VMWare, Red Hat, or one of the cloud guys.

    Just sayin

    1. fredesmite

      Re: Huh - flashback

      HP(e) hasn't invited ANYTHING in a decade -- everything they've touched has died

      1. devlinse

        Re: "not to go through the motions of annual appraisals"

        > everything they've touched has died

        In this fast paced world, there's something to be said for consistency.

  3. katrinab Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    What are they offering

    If I had any desire to install Kuberbets stuff (I don't), it appears that I could install one of the popular GNU/Linux distributions on my computer, and use its package manager to install Kubernets. What additional benefits does this offer?

    1. fredesmite

      Re: What are they offering

      In large enterprise deployments they need support -- that is how the resellers make money from open-soucre offerings

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