back to article 1Password hopes to cross some items off its todo list with help from $200m in venture capital

Some 14 years after it was founded and with no external funding taken in during that time, 1Password has finally succumbed to the charms - and $200m in cash - of venture cap biz Accel. 1Password was founded by Dave Teare along with Roustem Karimov in 2005 and he noted the shock the decision may cause. "As a completely …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $200 million to build a password manager? Sounds reasonable. Perhaps UK gov could toss them a few billion to build a farm subsidies payment system or something.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You do not have a history of contracting for our department. Our department policy requires that you have been awarded at least £10bn in contracts by our department within the last 12 months in order for us to be confident in your ability to deliver.

      We have deemed your bid to be ineligible. In fact, we have deemed all of the suppliers who submitted bids are intelligible except for capita who will be awarded this contract as well.

      - -Q

    2. forumusernamealreadytaken

      I will sell you my paper password notebook for £199million

  2. sawatts

    1Password !?!?

    Damn how did they know my password. I will have to change it now.


  3. caffeine addict

    Integration into an Android browser would be good.

    Or maybe nice a nice wrapper for the chrome rendering engine...

  4. Cuddles Silver badge

    privacy and security are the two areas of focus

    For a password manager, aren't privacy and security pretty much the only areas of focus? Literally all it needs to do is store passwords in a way that allows them to be used but prevents unauthorised people accessing them. I can't help agreeing with Mr Hansson that hundreds of millions in venture capitalist funding is most likely to end up filling it up with pointless shiny gimmicks to try to build up company value and is not likely to end well.

    1. Robert Helpmann??

      Re: privacy and security are the two areas of focus

      Venture funding is not the ultimate evil that Mr Hansson makes it out to be. As with many things, the devil is in the details. I would be interested to know more of those details, especially as this particular service is one that impacts my professional life. I might have to do a little digging...

    2. FrogsAndChips Silver badge

      Re: privacy and security are the two areas of focus

      Sure, these are the most important areas, but there are a lot of other features that will make a password manager stand out from the others: sync between devices, auto-type, scripting, import/export, bulk changes, MFA support, mobile version, UX...

  5. razorfishsl

    1password used to be good..... now it's turned to shit even before the venture garbage..

    I don't want ANY of my information or passwords stored in ANY cloud, nor do I want any shitty software that INSISTS it contacts offsite before launching correctly or tries to force me off my local setup.

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