back to article Google emits Network Intelligence Center to help untangle misconfigured cloud networks

Google has pulled the dustcovers off a new tool that will monitor and optimise the network performance of VMs and applications deployed to its cloud. The Choc Factory's Network Intelligence Center, accessed via the Google Cloud Console, currently has four modules. Network Topology and Connectivity Tests are in beta, while …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Yet Another Great Leap ...... into the Uncertain Beyond

    "Connectivity Tests performs a static reachability analysis that evaluates the GCP resources in your testing path against an ideal configuration model, rather than against the live data plane."

    Virtually working really brilliantly here, Google Choc Factory. Would you dismiss AIDivine Intervention, ITs Immaculate Source?

    As a consequence, the result may represent the actual condition or status of the data plane for your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) network.

    And whatever you do, unless you want to really lose everything deservedly, don't bet against any and/or all of that for it is so designed to be refreshingly costly.

  2. osmarks

    The pricing of those services seems pretty high for what they offer.

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