back to article If you've wanted to lazily merge code on GitHub from the pub, couch or beach, there's now a mobile app for that

GitHub used the first day of its Universe developer conference to roll out a slew of new projects, including a dedicated mobile app. On Wednesday the source code depot said the smartphone application would be designed to let developers perform some of the more common non-coding tasks, such as reviewing pull requests, managing …

  1. Buzzword

    Plenty of iOS and Android apps already do this

    Are GitHub suffering from "not-invented-here" syndrome?

    Mandatory xkcd:

    Panel 1: Situation: there are 14 competing GitHub client apps for mobile.

    Panel 2: 14?! Ridiculous! We need to develop one universal app that covers everyone's use cases. Yeah!

    Panel 3: Situation: there are 15 competing GitHub client apps for mobile.

  2. iron Silver badge

    While you're waiting for an official Android app, OctoDroid is pretty good. It could handle markdown better but otherwise I find it very useful.

    (I am not affiliated with OctoDroid, just a happy user.)

  3. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "If you've wanted to lazily merge code on GitHub from the pub, couch or beach ..."

    Do developers really do this? If so it explains a lot about the universally appalling quality of software.

    Not something we should encourage, particularly as software is now widely becoming life-critical.

    1. Unep Eurobats

      Re: "If you've wanted to lazily merge code on GitHub from the pub, couch or beach ..."

      I thought the same: manage your source code from the pub - what could possibly go wrong?

      In fact I imagine the most likely scenarios are seeing if some colleague has checked in yet, or reading the admiring comments on your latest refactor.

      Though frankly if you're doing this in the pub you probably ought to find a better pub.

  4. werdsmith Silver badge

    What's going on with github? People were supposed to abandon it en masse since MS but there still seems to be a lot of loyalty?

    Do people just develop in containers and push them up now?

  5. sum_of_squares
    Thumb Up

    Hey Boss, funny story: Do you remember this new git mobile one-click-app we talked about last week? Well guess what: I accidentally hit the wrong button and, haha this is so funny, somehow I managed to do a few resets or a rebase.. hahaha even the dev team doesn't know for sure, but they try to find out at this very moment. So.. how to put this.. do you have some sort of.. ehm.. backup somewhere, hehe? Boss?

  6. laughthisoff

    Backups... where?

    Regarding the 'Arctic Vault': if we're really concerned about very-long-term backups - be it of wobbly code on Github or actual flesh machines - should we not really be investing in something off-planet? Y'know, just in case this single-point-of-failure that we orbit upon has either a slow- or rapid-disassembly moment? Svalbard would be part of the same failed component/subsystem in those cases.

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