back to article Microsoft's first build of Armium Edge now lurks in Canary channel – go have a play if you dare

The first official build of Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser has arrived a week after the Arm-based Surface Pro X began shipping to eager fans. But while the Surface Pro X is supposedly the finished article, Microsoft's new Edge-for-Arm still has a way to go before earning the coveted "General Availability" tag. macOS and …

  1. DailyLlama

    Just updated a laptop to 1909....

    It took about 5 minutes, including the downloads. Pretty short on content, I'd say (going from freshly imaged 1903).

    1. Totally not a Cylon Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Just updated a laptop to 1909....

      I agree, 2 machines updated, no problems.

      Just works, as an update should.

      I did have to check they had updated though, didn't seem long enough.

    2. James O'Shea

      Re: Just updated a laptop to 1909....

      I just updated two desktops, a laptop, and a VM sitting on a Mac. Under 20 minutes, total, to do them all, including rebooting. I've had Patch Tuesday updates which took two or three times as long. Where's the real Microsoft hiding, and who is this imposter?

      And, oh, the latest beta for macOS Godhelpus has arrived, and it was almost as quick as 1909. And actually didn't break anything. Whatever's happening, it's contagious, and Apple's caught it too.

  2. Scott Broukell

    As others have suggested before me, this further enforces my own view that 19H2 (et al), are in fact variants of avian flu!

  3. MrKrotos

    Windows 10 1909

    I am now on the 5th try at installing this on a brand new installed OS work laptop, keep getting a Error 0x80070308.

    Googling the error code just brings up German and Chinese websites lol

    1. TheVogon

      Re: Windows 10 1909

      1. Open Regedit

      2. Go to HKLM\Components

      3. Delete or rename REG_DWORD "pendingrequired=1"

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