back to article Huawei. It's the patriotic choice: Mobe behemoth predicts 20% sales spike despite US sanctions

Huawei is bullish about seeing a 20 per cent uptick in smartphone sales next year despite the escalating US-China trade war – a prediction branded by analyst Canalys as "ambitious". The Chinese phone and infrastructure kit maker said it expects to see a spike in demand even if it is still blocked from using the latest Google …

  1. John Jennings

    Not so sure

    Given that Apples Iphone sales tanked - relatively speaking - and the loss of the China market was cited as the reason, its not unreasonable that Hauwei could see the growth proposed filling that gap.

    I dont see them around as much in the UK - so perhaps global sales in 5eyes countries will decline - but- the population of China put 5eyes in the shade...

    Other countries in the rest of the world dont necessarily align with the US on the trade war - especially countries like india which has a market which needs lots of lower end kit

    1. DiViDeD

      Re: Not so sure

      perhaps global sales in 5eyes countries will decline

      Funnily enough, Australia is most enthusiastically 5eyes, and has it's moist, if slightly sunburnt tongue so firmly up that nice Mr Trump's arse that you couldn't separate them with a crowbar (it looks like we will be the first freedom loving western democracy to make it a criminal offence to not do business with a company because you don't approve of its politics/pollution/exploitation of workers/etc), yet I seem to see Huawei mobes everywhere - Optus even has a promotion on the flagships right now, which my woman had no hesitation in taking advantage of.

      I guess under the new "anti having an opinion about anything" legislation, we shall be limited to only Jesus phones or something mechanical from Motorola.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not so sure

      Huawei has been getting most of its growth by replacing Samsung phones, there were more of those sold in China than iPhones (since they cover the whole price spectrum) but not anymore. At one point they were approaching 20% market share, but now they are under 1% and have basically exited the Chinese market.

      1. doublelayer Silver badge

        Re: Not so sure

        At the moment, Huawei is not well placed to take over the Indian market. Several other Chinese manufacturers have pushed for that market, making relatively inexpensive but not laughable products. Huawei has pushed their flagship prices to be similar with those from other well-known manufacturers. Although they make phones at a lower price, the availability of devices at what would be considered low-cost in western countries* does not compare well with their competitors like Xiaomi and Realme, both of which are much more popular in India than is Huawei.

        *Low-cost phones does not mean that readers here would consider the prices low. It means that the prices are lower than the majority of phones being sold by the better-known companies. Many of the more popular Xiaomi and Realme devices sell from £120-£250 or $150-250 U.S., while the devices from Samsung, Google, Huawei, etc. are much higher even considering their cheaper models.

  2. AIBailey

    I wish them well


    Their smartphone business is another victim of the protectionist racket being run by the US administration. I've been impressed with Huawei's recent handsets, and hope that they can find some way to make this still work for them, and stick two fingers up to Trump's international game playing.

    If they do make it work, and break the stranglehold that Google holds over most of the Android ecosystem, I can see a few other phone manufacturers, maybe even Samsung, offering their own alternatives to the multitude of Google apps. This in turn will cause much hand wringing by the US government as Google lobbies hard to stop the loss of all that lovely data.

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: I wish them well

      > maybe even Samsung, offering their own alternatives to the multitude of Google apps

      Because Samsung don't already have their own less featured copy of every Google app and service that can't be uninstalled from their phones...




      Galaxy Store

      Game Launcher

      Samsung Internet

      My Files



      Samsung Notes

      Secure Folder


      Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

      Samsung Global Goals

      Samsung Video Library

      Samsung Gear 360


      Car Mode

      Picture Frame Widget


      Optical Reader

      My Emoji Maker

      S Translator

      That's just a list of apps preinstalled from the Samsung Store. They also have their own version of OS level apps like the clock.

      1. Spanners Silver badge

        Re: I wish them well

        And that list is why Samsung devices are not on my list of possible replacements for my current phone.

  3. sbt

    Is there a silver lining here?

    Is this an opportunity to get an alternative phone OS up, one that's free of the Alphabet's spaghetti tentacles? Something based on BSD, for example?

    1. ratfox

      Re: Is there a silver lining here?

      Is this an opportunity to get an alternative phone OS up?

      Yes, probably!

      Something based on BSD, for example?

      Ha ha no.

      1. doublelayer Silver badge

        Re: Is there a silver lining here?

        No, it almost certainly isn't. That would be great, though. Huawei did have a third OS, which they talked about installing on these phones, but that wouldn't necessarily have been open (they never said anything about that). They have chosen, however, not to use it at the moment. My theory is that they expect these restrictions to go away soon enough that they can go back to Android, and they don't want to have two competing operating systems they have to manage. Whether or not they use AOSP or their own OS, they have decided not to have unlocked bootloaders for replacement. So I'm afraid our dreams of a stable and generally available third mobile OS will have to wait for another company to decide to escape the current monoculture or something really weird to happen to Huawei so they change their minds on a lot of things.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Persobally, I give not a shit abotu Google ...

    if these guys can knock out a decent spec phone with a 6" screen than can be used by my partially sighted wife, it would be top of the list ahead of any Android landfill or fruity i[diot]phone.

    It would have to be network unlocked too.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Call me pigheaded...

    .. but I bought a Huawei tablet and an Honor phone _because_ Trump barred / dislikes them ....

    1. Danny Boyd

      Re: Call me pigheaded...

      I'm sure Trump is utterly devastated.

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