back to article Hey, corporate types. Microsoft would really love to pick your brains about Project Cortex

Having unleashed Teams on the world, Microsoft has been pondering what else it can do with all the data lurking in Microsoft 365. The answer, it seems, is Project Cortex. Cortex sits a little awkwardly with the other search technologies unveiled at this year's Microsoft Ignite conference in Florida, USA: updates to Bing to …

  1. deadlockvictim Silver badge a Fiesta crudely welded to a supertanker...

    Bing is not that bad. I use it quite often, and while not as extensive as Google, is usually good enough for what I need. Microsoft's slurp is considerably less undesirable than that of the All-Seeing-Eye in Mountain View.

    It sometimes has some really lovely pictures too.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You're not going to mention Bing's primary use as an alternative browser installer?

      1. Il'Geller


        There is Mathematics that can not be ignored, but Google, Bing and the rest of them ignore it. As a result, they are not searching for information, but generalize what their users do, that is they give out the results for which people vote (so called popularity, which is external to information).

        AI technology is mathematically verified: this technology works with language as a differential function, considers paragraphs as integrals and really (from inside, internally) finds paragraphs. AI is the only true search technology, it does not depend on the results that people get.

    2. JohnFen

      Bing's not the worst, but it's not great.

  2. Il'Geller

    Almost impossible to annotate patterns and words outside of our personal gadgets! No enough texts and no chronology; thus the data, which Microsoft can get without our permission and participation, won't be trustworthy. Microsoft should allow us to do it ourselves and at our computers, and process the results with our permission only.

  3. JohnFen

    Do not want

    "It could also crop up in Bing searches, where a Microsoft 365 user might see items from the corporate intranet highlighted alongside internet results."

    Oh, lord, I'd hate this so much. But at least it would be easy to avoid, by not using Bing.

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