back to article Pencil 15 Jan 2020 in your diary: That's when Microsoft hopes you'll be at the cutting Edge... Chromium style

Less than a year after it emerged that EdgeHTML was for the chop, Microsoft has delivered a Release Candidate of its shiny new Chromium-based browser. It is, of course, still called Edge, but features an icon the Windows giant hopes will open up clear blue water between its new baby and the old days of Internet Explorer. The …

  1. a_yank_lurker


    Why would I want to use Chromium based Edge over any of the other siblings such as Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, or Brave (list not exhaustive) that are already available or Chromium itself? Slurp's marketing weasels will have a 'dog-and-pony' show telling how great Edge is when it is basically a me-too browser possibly with a couple meh 'features' not in the others.

    1. Blockchain commentard

      Re: Question

      If you don't like/want Google tracking your every move, you can get Microsoft to track your surfing habits :-)

      1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory
        Big Brother

        Re: Question

        /me giggles in Pale Moon...

    2. WolfFan

      Re: Question

      The only reason is if you need to use IE Mode. I don’t. I will therefore continue to not use Edge.

  2. Gio Ciampa

    IE mode

    Anyone opened a book on when it'll be "persuaded" to run the same old crap IE always let you do in the past...?

  3. Avatar of They

    Did I read it right?

    But did they say we can see what the browser slurps and sends home - And the user can turn it off?

    ...But we still can't turn off windows 10 telemetry?

  4. tomban


    That icon has a certain Firefox essence about it. I.E. a round swirl type thing.

    1. WolfFan

      Re: Icon

      Mozilla should sue. I know that I’d get out the popcorn to see that.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I know it's unfashionable round here ...

    But I've been using the Edgeium Dev channel for a few months and it's looking really good.

    Faster page rendering than Chrome, wide support for website functionality, and very few issues encountered along the way (the only major-ish issue I've encountered in daily working use was that it took a while to get debugging compatibility with Visual Studio, and there's some incompatibility with the way RealTimeTrains manage the display of their cookie acceptance dialog which means the message appears on every page refresh).

  6. jelabarre59

    Foolish again

    I will still continue to say that Microsoft was *STUPID* (or lazy, or incompetent, or all three) in going with a browser base made by what is probably their biggest competitor now. And the irony is they found themselves in this situation due to sneaky, underhanded and corrupt practices by Google (oh how the wheel turns, does it not?).

    They should have gone with the Mozilla/Firefox/Waterfox/Seamonkey base. Maybe MS could have dropped Outlook while they were at it and started working on Thunderbird. But now we're going to find ourselves in the same sort of dangerous mono-culture we had in the days of MSIE6, and I'm sure there is a multitude of bad-actors out there (no, not referring to Steven Segal) who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use any vulnerabilities in Chromium-core. There's a reason I refer to GoogleChrome as "MSIE6-revisited".

    But the world is full of stupid people, and the rest of us have to deal with the consequences of their idiocy.

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