back to article Police confirm interview with UKFast boss Lawrence Jones

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed they are investigating two allegations of sexual assault against Lawrence Jones, who stepped down as boss of UKFast yesterday. GMP sent us the following statement: On Wednesday 30 January 2019 and Wednesday 20 March 2019 police received reports of two sexual assaults which occurred in …

  1. Korev Silver badge

    Jones has denied any wrongdoing. His wife has taken over as chief executive while UKFast conducts an internal investigation.

    It'd be a very brave person who'd find him "guilty" in the internal investigation when his wife is the CEO.

    1. David Austin

      Given the type of allegations he faces, I'm not sure if having his wife as CEO is a very good or very bad thing for him...

  2. holmegm

    Unfortunately, there is so much "crying wolf" in today's environment that a lot of skepticism is called for.

    1. abouttime


      Fortunately the Financial Times have a dosier of statements and evidence from over 30 ex-employees to assist with that...

      You only have to search for 5 minutes on Twitter, Reddit, or read the non-management written fake reviews on Glassdoor to see that Loz's behaviour was the worst kept secret in the North West tech industry. This comes as zero surprise to any of us with first hand knowledge of working at UKFast.

      We can only hope that he isn't able to use his money and influence to evade the full extent of justice this time round.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Financial Times

      The FT interviewed over 30 people before they broke the story on Lawrence. Safe to say there is probably fire and not smoke. Nice to see his PR team are out in force. Apparently it’s full on damage limitation at Ukfast right now. Staff and customers are leaving at a rate of knots.

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