back to article Xiaomi the way to go phone: That would be with a 108MP camera by the looks of things

Phone launches are usually leakier than an Ikea colander, and the release of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is no exception. Pictures of the handset, which Xiaomi will formally launch next week, have already been leaked by Chinese regulatory agency TENAA – the country's equivalent of the FCC – showing a handset with five …

  1. confused and dazed

    Android ?

    Just hope nobody does a Huawei on this ....

    1. tmTM

      Re: Android ?

      So far Xiaomi have avoided the glare of the big orange man and don't seem to be threatened with any Huawei like restrictions.

      The phones run Android fine and don't come saddled with tons of bloatware.

      1. confused and dazed

        Re: Android ?

        Thanks !

        1. 89724102172714182892114I7551670349743096734346773478647892349863592355648544996312855148587659264921

          Re: Android ?

          Xiaomi the updates, the quality of which is poor enough to render old models obsolete, when they can be bothered to assassinate their old phones

  2. trevorde Silver badge

    Fruity phone manufacturer take note

    I don't want a thinner phone, I want a battery which lasts more than a day.

    Bonus points for a bigger screen and better camera.

    1. _LC_

      Re: Fruity phone manufacturer take note

      There are plenty of such devices. There are other manufacturers as well. You can even get bricks with 15000 mAh, if that is your thing...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bonus points for a bigger screen

      Not everyone wants a Phablet sized device.

      Many of us just want a device that does what we want from it in a small unobtrusive package.

      Just like many of us don't have the things glued to one limb and in our faces 18hours a day pawning over social media.

      YMMV naturally.

      1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge


        Not sure if you meant that, or was it pawing, fawning, or perhaps even whoring (themselves)...?

        1. 's water music

          Re: Pawning?

          perhaps the AC is a boomer who envisaged a Rake's Progress style decline and fall caused by Too Much Time On Social Media and Having Different Device Preferences To Me arrested only briefly by the income from pawning one's worldly possessions (or selling them on Depop), but yeah, it could also have been a typo for fawning.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      iPhone 11 has the about the longest lasting batteries there are

      Don't believe me, check out Anandtech's review:

      The battery life on the 11 series is close to double what they measured on the 7 series a few years back.

  3. mark l 2 Silver badge

    The way things are going I predict in another 5 years the entire back of the phone will be filled with 20 lenses taking 500MP photos.

    Yet a 15 year old SLR only able to take up to 8MP will still take better looking photos.

    1. OrientalHero

      but unless you're carrying it, the SLR will be moot... The phone wins unless you're in the habit of going out on a photo shoot...

      Hence my preference for compact like the Sony RX100 (although the latter models are too expensive for me!).

    2. hmv

      Possibly not; I recently replaced a 12-year old DSLR with a newer one, and the improvement in dynamic range (~8 stops to 12 stops) is the real improvement in quality not the increase from 21Mpixels to 50Mpixels. Now a phone camera won't be that good, but it could be a couple of stops better than a > 10 year old DSLR.

      1. Dave 126 Silver badge

        We've seen the improvements in image quality that modern phone camera sensors have made over their roughly size-equivilent counterparts from a decade ago. This same improvement applies to SLR sensors over the same time period, more or less.

        Of course where improvements are less dramatic is in the lenses, and yeah, an older SLR with an appropriate lens will produce better pictures than a newer SLR with the wrong lens for the job.

        1. Roland6 Silver badge

          >Of course where improvements are less dramatic is in the lenses

          Depends on what you are referring to.

          Getting a 1/1.33-inches sensor into a phone and having a micro lens system capable of making use of it, does require some technology innovation. However, I wouldn't want to use a phone lens system in an SLR...

  4. 0laf

    Real world use

    Will people actually use the capability of that camera? I've got a P20 Pro with in the 40Mp camera. I think I've used it in the 40MP setting two or three times. It is set as default to 10MP and I've never had much desire to change it. You can't zoom or do any of the other options at 40MP. I just wonder if this is number for marketing purposes really.

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Re: Real world use

      Mainly willy waving. Could make digital zooming a bit better, zoom in further without quality loss. But mainly willy waving.

      1. MiguelC Silver badge

        Re: Real world use

        Yes, but you'll also be able to film your willy waving in hi def. If that's your thing.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Real world use

          Can we leave politics out of this for a bit? For the next six weeks we are going to have little on the news but high definition willy waving (I'm not sure what the female equivalent is but I suspect more people might want to look at it provided it isn't Anne Widdecombe.)

    2. Baldrickk

      Re: Real world use

      I wonder what the point is in having multiple pixels that you average together, when you could have larger pixels covering the same area in the first place?

      So instead of reducing to a 27MPixel image, just have a large sensor 27MPixel sensor in the first place?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Real world use

        I suspect it reduces the pixel to pixel sensitivity variation, a problem not that often discussed, and reduces the effect of single pixel failures.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Real world use

      I do not think that in reality a phone camera lens has much of a MTF above about 8Mpx. Pixel count and sensitivity may have improved a lot but we're still working with the same old wavelengths of light, and there's a limit to what you can do with glass and plastic.

      Being a deeply cynical person I do wonder if it is cheaper to produce a high pixel count sensor and bin the output to deal with the variations across the die, than to produce a 10Mpx sensor with all the pixels close in output. 24Mpx APS and above sensors are not cheap.

    4. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: Real world use

      Use cases:

      Use individual pixels for a 'zoomed' image of a distant subject in good light. i.e, a landmark during the day.

      Use pixel binning for better low light shots of near and medium distance subjects, i.e parties, people and street photography.

  5. Captain Hogwash

    "leakier than an Ikea colander"

    Are Ikea colander's leakier than those of other manufacturers? Could you point me towards any colander comparison tests? I'm thinking of making a significant investment for several years and I don't want to be stuck making monthly payments on a colander I could preserve herring in.

  6. Tom 7 Silver badge


    I look forward to my bandwidth being eaten up by pictures of peoples dinner in ultra hd.

    1. Clunking Fist

      Re: 108mp?

      ..and HDR!

      1. 080

        Re: 108mp?

        Maybe that's what 5G is for

  7. Richard Crossley


    Earlier today, it announced a new R&D facility in Tampere, Finland, which will focus on developing camera technology.

    Nokia is quite close to Tampere, I wonder if there's a connection with that decision.

  8. anoco

    Two hand hold

    Either they picked a rather small girl or this phone is huge. She needs both hands to hold it most of the time.

  9. darklord


    Overcompensating for something, No chance of a phone that size thanks.

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