back to article Ask, Allow or Block is like Vivaldi browser's version of Snog Marry Avoid for popups in 2.9

Version 2.9 of Chromium-based web browser Vivaldi boasts a new central control of website permissions. Employee-owned Vivaldi is based in Oslo, Norway, and claims 1.2 million users. Google Chrome usage is in the billions and Firefox reports over 800 million users on the desktop alone. The privacy-focused Brave claims 8 million …

  1. ArrZarr Silver badge

    Improved performance opening tabs?

    Sounds good to me, although I do enjoy making my laptop scream while opening 50 Jira tickets at a time...

  2. Lazlo Woodbine Silver badge

    I like Vivaldi, it runs on an old netbook that can't shoulder the burden of Opera or Chrome

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No browser based on Chromium can really be trusted to respect your privacy

    Vivaldi is basically a Chrome skin. Firefox is now the only true alternative to google's insidious domination of the web.

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: No browser based on Chromium can really be trusted to respect your privacy

      What about Internet Exploder or Edge!

      1. slartybartfast

        Re: No browser based on Chromium can really be trusted to respect your privacy

        Edge is now a Chrome clone too. Internet Explorer is pretty much a browser no longer in development.

        1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

          Re: No browser based on Chromium can really be trusted to respect your privacy

          Well I was trolling but since people seem to have missed that I'll respond back with Web Kit based browsers (Knowing my luck it'll probably just be Safari).

          Anyway bring back Presto in Opera.

    2. joeW

      Re: No browser based on Chromium can really be trusted to respect your privacy

      They seem to be quite serious about the de-Googification at least. For example, Vivaldi took ages to implement a browser sync feature as they wanted anything Cloudy to be done completely in-house.

  4. Blackjack Silver badge

    Cool Cat

    I use IceCat when I can for desktop and Android. Icecat for desktop even gets more updates and both are based on Firefox. Icecat now comes in privacy mode by default.

    Is not using The Amnesic Incognito Live System in a system with no hard disks, but whatever.

  5. slartybartfast

    Vivaldi is mainly used by disgruntled Opera browser users who love to customise their browser to death. The fact that it runs using the Chrome engine and, so far, has very little in the form of privacy features is enough for me to stick with Firefox. Personally, I don't care if Vivaldi allows the address bar to be placed on any side of the browser (left, right, top, bottom) or has a tab stacking feature. I'm not going to use a browser that exclusively relies on Chrome extensions to add any sort of ad/tracker blocking. In fact I try not to use extensions if I can help it as there's no telling how safe they are to use.

    1. jonathan keith

      Using the right browser extensions is pretty much the *only* way to be safe on the WWW these days, regardless of which browser you use. And NoScript, Ghostery, uBlock Origin and Disconnect are all available on the Chrome store.

      1. chroot

        Mozilla is doing a very decent job with the privacy features in the latest versions. Although not yet enough to get rid of the privacy and security extensions.

        1. jonathan keith

          I agree, they're certainly pushing in the right direction. However, unless the functionality gets baked into the browser, (or the Web gets rebuilt from the ground up) I can't imagine ever again visiting a website - *any* website - without NoScript.

          Page load times reduced a hundredfold by preventing unnecessary server connections (trackers, 'web analytics', ads), no janky crap getting between my eyes and the content I want to view... what we imagined the broadband Web would be like, back then before Google metastasized.

    2. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Its not yet something I would class as a replacement for the Presto based version of Opera though.

    3. joeW

      I think the best you can get in most browsers without adding extensions is to block all third party cookies.

  6. DCFusor

    Invisible user

    I use Vivaldi a lot, but don't surf with it very much at all. I built a LAN of things for my homestead, and use it to work with the various web pages the things emit. None of this goes out on the internet by design. Unless someone is basing browser useage on one a day hits to the weather service, they're not seeing my all day, every day use of it.

    I find it's good because of the tab tiling feature - for example I can have several observation cameras (from raspberry pies) on the screen at a time. Or plots, or... can't do that in chrome.

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