back to article Weird Flex but OK: New Samsung laptop lines haul QLED monitor tech squinting into the sun

Yesterday, at its developer conference, Samsung announced three new laptops: a pair of notebooks certified by Intel's Project Athena programme, the Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion, as well as a machine that uses Intel's new Lakefield chipsets, the Galaxy Book S. As the name implies, the Galaxy Book Flex is a 2-in-1 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All very well but

    These won't be available in the UK, since Samsung does not sell laptops here any more, for some reason.

    1. Alister Silver badge

      Re: All very well but

      The UK has way more than 600 nits, just look in the House of Commons...

      1. BebopWeBop Silver badge

        Re: All very well but

        We'll say nothing about the voters....

      2. Flywheel Silver badge

        Re: All very well but

        Excellent - have a virtual beer for that!

    2. Baldrickk

      Re: All very well but

      They don't sell any of their VR HMDs (Odyssey, Odyssey+) in the EU either...

  2. -v(o.o)v-

    They do look good. I'll stick to my T-series.

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