back to article While Apple fanbois rage at Catalina, iGiant quietly drops iOS and macOS security patches

Apple has released patches for the hated macOS Catalina – but not to fix the operating system's UI failures. These are security updates also affecting iOS and Apple Watches, and include one that prevents a remote attacker from executing code on your iThings. Affecting macOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14.6 and High Sierra 10.13. …

  1. Maximum Delfango Bronze badge

    Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

    It all used to 'just work'. Now it 'works, just'.

    1. Len Silver badge

      Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

      To be honest, I'm not sure any of this is new.

      I have been using every version macOS since 2005 and every time the pattern is similar.

      1) Months before the release people beg Apple to "release the new version already, I'm sure it's ready!!!111"

      2) People in the beta programme say it's all working fine for them and they love new thing X,Y and Z!

      3) People complain that the download is slow on launch day and they only had it up and running two hours after it was released.

      4) People report problem A, B and C and complain that the new version was clearly rushed out. "Why couldn't Apple wait a bit longer before releasing!!!!111"

      5) After the second big update, three months later, nearly every issue is solved and everyone's stopped complaining.

      6) People start calling this version "the best OS Apple has ever made!!!111"

      7) People start looking forward to the next major release...

      Want to avoid all this? Simple, always wait until .2 or .3 before upgrading (perhaps 10.15.3 just to be safe?). I have done so since 2005 and never had any major issues with OS X or macOS.

      1. paulf

        Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

        I'd suffix that advice by suggesting caution around the last version of a major release, too.

        I was quite happily using iOS 12.3.1, with the locations of all bugs I might hit noted and worked around. About a week after 12.4.1 was released I updated thinking I ought to pick up the last stable release in 12.x so I don't have to rush into the alpha beta testing that would be 13.0 and 13.1. Now whenever I plug the jesus Mobe into my Mac it demands my passcode to trust it. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. Regardless of selecting Trust or Don't Trust it never remembers the response like it did in 12.3.1. I'm now stuck with this until 13.x becomes stable - I could be in for a wait judging from the problems in 13.2...

        Perhaps this is more an iOS thing than macOS?

        Yes, that's my coat. With the tinfoil hat in it.

    2. macjules Silver badge

      Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

      Nope, it doesn’t even do that now.

      Seems to me that Apple must have been recruiting ex-Boeing software developers.

      1. paulf

        Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

        I think you mean ex-Boeing PHBs.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

      I can't say that I've had any problem with MacOS, although I am leaving the beta program after the next formal release - I simply don't have the time.

      Catalina, however, was a combination of disappointment and déja vu. Disappointment that they even considered this usable, and déja vu in that it strongly reminded me of the security theatre of Windows Vista.

      They can do better, MUCH better and they should.

      1. Paradroid

        Re: Apple software quality seems to be definitely dropping...

        Isn't it fascinating how times have changed. When Vista shipped, Apple looked on, feeling a bit sorry for Microsoft for trying such a daft approach to security (basically a liability shift to the user). They would have correctly said "that's not the right approach"

        Fast forward a decade, and they're now making the same mistakes. Their intelligence, direction and judgement with respect to MacOS is failing rapidly. I found myself contemplating going to Linux rather than Catalina recently.

        To be fair I think iOS is on the right path, just with massive process issues that's causing silly bugs to get out in the wild. Notice how they massively rewrote Photos and Reminders, and pretty-much nailed it. But then one of the 13.1.x released shipped with a bug where it was almost impossible to clear the red bubble on the Phone app after a missed call.

  2. lee harvey osmond

    10.15 Catastrophe. Just say no!

    I finally got my MacMini rebuilt, working, running 10.14.6. After a fortnight.

    There was a period of about 4hr when it was running a fresh install of 10.15 on a clean disk, and it was running as advertised.

    I was still finding bugs about every 5 min.

    My relief, when I resorted to the recovery console for the umpteenth time and tried yet again to restore via Time Machine, that this time I was offered a 10.14.6 restore point, was immense.

    In the meantime my iPhone seems permanently to have a red badge on the System Preferences app icon, and every time I look, it's telling me about a different iOS 13 update. 13.2 now? Wonder what it'll be tomorrow morning? [EDIT ha! already pulled!]

    The iOS crew seems to have attracted all the grownups, but I'm not letting them change the software on my phone voluntarily until the dust has settled on whichever build and it has been pronounced righteous by others.

    I'll have a think about that patch for Mojave.

    Also it appears a bunch of downloads, including Mojave itself, have disappeared from the Mac App Store. There is a rumour that an Apple code signing cert has expired; certainly that would explain why my Mojave USB thumbdrive installer decided its copy of Mojave was now corrupt. If this rumour is true, it is not clear if those downloads will be back, newly re-signed. After all, Cupertino is going to have to resort to something drastic to force adoption of Catastrophe....

    1. TechBearMike

      Re: 10.15 Catastrophe. Just say no!

      I was given a direct link to some older versions of macOS by one of Apple's support people. That link opens the App Store, where the old software still resides, though hidden. Problem I've had is that I can't get any of these old installers to download completely. There's always a "download could not be completed" error about ⅓ to ½ of the way in. And this is with a 300Mbps download cable Internet connection!

      Sometimes I really miss installers that came on CD-ROMs.

  3. Hugh Jass.

    I thought Apple could do no wrong.

    Apparently, that is wrong. I'm in need of upgrading my iPad's OS to 13.2, too. Should I put the update off?

  4. Tachisme

    I’m selling my Mac

    I have been at Mac user for over a decade, but Catalina has broken me. I have bought a lovely Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop, and my Mac is now on eBay.

    1. Hans 1 Silver badge

      Re: I’m selling my Mac

      Because you somehow think that Windows update hell is enjoyable ?

    2. trisul

      Re: I’m selling my Mac

      Really? You think Lenovo X1 Carbon is a lovely replacement for Catalina? That's like replacing your car because you are disappointed with your petrol station.

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