back to article Stop us if you've heard this one: Aussies probe Google over misleading location stalking claims

Australia's consumer watchdog is pursuing Google over claims the megacorp has misled people about what data it collects and processes via its mobile operating system, Android. The case concerns two account settings – "Location History" and "Web and App Activity". The regulator said consumers would assume that turning off " …

  1. Claverhouse Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    My Favourite

    ... was when Google told me that how to switch off them seeing my location was for me to sign on to my Google Account.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love the ACCC

    They're one of the best things about this country IMO.

    Ever wonder why steam has a refunds policy? That'd be due to the ACCC lawsuit and the $3m fine that somehow wasn't big global news. The best part was that it was easier for valve to bring in the refund policy globally and spin it as "We're doing this to be good and kind, it has nothing to do with any aussie courts, honest!". So everybody got a policy that almost complies with Australia's consumer protection laws.

    And now this. If you know anybody who works for the ACCC, please hug them for me.

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