back to article Google boss Pichai unbothered as 'Other Bets' nears billion-dollar cash sink in Q3 results

Google execs are upbeat for the future of the Chocolate Factory even as its quarterly haul took a hit in the profits department. For the third quarter (PDF) of Alphabet's fiscal 2019: Revenues were $40.5bn, up 20 per cent from $33.7bn in the same quarter of 2018 and ahead of analyst estimates at $40.3bn. Net income was $7. …

  1. IceC0ld

    Google boss Pichai unbothered

    Net income was $7.1bn, down 24 per cent

    if I was a part of a unit that could push 7 BILLION through the doors, I too, wouldn't be to 'bothered' by the fact it was lower than last year

    seven BILLION

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Google boss Pichai unbothered

      Still miles behind Azure and AWS in cloud then. Makes sense. No idea why anyone would use GCS other than that they practically give it away.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    will they pay tax on any of that income that is generated in the UK...?

    Probably not which is one of the the many reasons I avoid (or at least try to) having anything to do with Google at all.

    Anyway the Google results won't be front page news for long. APPL are due to report tomorrow. The gnashing and wailing over them will dwarf any that might have been done over the Chocolate Factory results.

    1. dv

      Re: But...

      That should rather be one of the many reasons to avoid HMRC and related "services" hoisted upon you by Her Majesty. Sadly, you do not have such choice as a subject to the crown. Have a look at what the taxes are being used for and weep.

      1. MJB7

        Re: But...

        We haven't been subjects *of* the crown for some years now. These days we are British Citizens. (The change is not an improvement; it was introduced so that the government could strip citizenship from people it didn't like.)

  3. Blockchain commentard

    I Googled how to avoid paying tax like Google and it responded by saying become a subsidiary of Alphabet. Good to know.

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