back to article Senators Wyden and Warren sic trade lapdog on AWS over Capital One hack culpability

On Thursday, US Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) asked the US Federal Trade Commission to examine whether Amazon Web Services may have broken the law by renting defective servers. Their concern follows from the Capital One data theft earlier this year when a hacker accessed the financial company's AWS- …

  1. Danny Boyd

    "...The SSRF technique used in this incident was just one of many subsequent steps the perpetrator followed..."

    Right. And if AWS pulled its thumb out and implemented the SSRF protection (in five years, for goodness' sake!), the perpetrator would not make this step and all "subsequent" after it. The lady is accused of 30 more data thefts - all from AWS buckets. Their owners also misconfigured their firewalls, I presume.

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