back to article It's Orphan Data in Backup Hell: No, it's not a Netflix series about storage admins...

Thanks to your local DevOps team, containerised applications are heading for production environments. However, this can be the beginning of a world of hurt for storage admins. Unlike current production environments, there are no backup data reference frameworks to call on for containerised apps, which leads to issues like …

  1. RichardB

    Ah, Ops awakens

  2. SuperFrog
    Paris Hilton

    Enter Mickey Mouse..

    Dell/EMC is pushing VMware for these types of issues for persistent storage. We have already started down the VMware route to containers and my gut tells me that this will likely be a popular option. I'm sure the open source crowd won't like it but business likes the tools there comfortable with.

    What concerns me is that if each container vendor has a different implementation that could cause problems. What's worse, VMware themselves has multiple answers to the same problem, VIC, vSphere Storage for Kubernetes, others i believe, that basically answer the same problem. It will take some time to iron some of this out.


      Re: Enter Mickey Mouse..

      spot on, banks/business care about recovery and vmware has some of the answers... which is enough for sales people...

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