back to article Using Teams and Azure DevOps? There's an app for that, says Microsoft

Microsoft has released its Azure Repos app for Teams in a bid to entice developers to its collaboration platform a day after competitor Slack upgraded its app developer toolkit. The Azure Repos app will drop helpful (or annoying) notifications in Teams channels when repos get fiddled with – for example, code being pushed or …

  1. phuzz Silver badge

    I've yet to find an 'app' in a chat program that was of any use whatsoever. Why would I want to check in code from my 'basically just expensive IRC' chat client? What use a bot that spews warmed over motd cliches?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Examples of some useful apps

      send notification in chat window in real time when something happens

      remind someone to do something later

      update channel topic according to some schedule e.g. with current support person

      show headline for a ticket when its number appears in a discussion

      show a title/description/image for an URL mentioned in a discussion

      offer to invite someone to a channel when they are mentioned in a discussion

      Sure, none of this is a "killer app". Most are useful, though.

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