back to article The Great Data Takeout: Facebook, Google etc may be forced to hand over control of your info via an API (for a fee)

Assuming US lawmakers can set aside differences long enough to vote on actual legislation – not at all a foregone conclusion – users of large online communications platforms may be able to look forward better data portability and interoperability between services, eventually. On Tuesday, a bipartisan trio of US Senators – Mark …

  1. elDog

    Ask me if I trust these corporations to make this easy or useful

    I can't imagine any of them are going to cooperate in a meaningful way.

    Of course "lawmakers" and even their more intelligent staff have no idea of what they ask And they have no idea of how to verify the ask. And the agencies in the current (and possibly past/future) government are not capable of understanding the complexities of all the things that can be done to APIs to make them less than useless.

    But, again, we'll be watching zuck-the-f and other self-proclaimed geniuses tell these lawmakers about how they care for xxxxx/yyyyy and are doing everything they can do to adhere to zzzzzz.

    And a bill will be introduced, voted, and signed. And everything will get worse.

  2. FozzyBear
    Black Helicopters

    that allow users, or delegated third-parties, to access their own data and move it about – and charge a reasonable fee to do so.

    This is the most telling sentence. More importantly "Delegated third-parties".

    If you smell a slimy rat sniffing around your data and the rat has the taint of government , you would be right. This level of access to social media data, it could nicely by-pass all of those pesky legal hoops they normally have to jump through. You know warrants, probable cause, etc. The stuff which, if you believe the suits in government, gets in the way of them being able to act quickly and protect us from all the bad things in the world, like terrorism. Yep definitely terrorism.

  3. IceC0ld

    I can see it passing through with flying colours

    ONCE FB figure out how to monetize it :o(

    1. Oengus

      introduced legislation that requires companies like Google and Facebook to create and maintain open interoperability interfaces (APIs) that allow users, or delegated third-parties, to access their own data and move it about – and charge a reasonable fee to do so.

      You can bet that, if this passes, Google and Facebook (and others) will quickly workout how to use the APIs to enhance their data with the data from the other platforms.

  4. RyokuMas

    "Move" or "copy"?

    " access their own data and move it about..."

    When they say "move", do they actually mean it? If I were to use this API to get hold of my data from (say) Facebook, does that mean that it gets deleted from Facebook when I say "move it to [blah]"?

    Dollars to doughnuts it'll be "copy" rather than "move".

    Because if it genuinely were "move", I'd be right there with something to consume that API with the sole purpose of getting my data off of Facebook, Google and all the other spying-driven services out there.

    1. Jamie Jones Silver badge

      Re: "Move" or "copy"?

      They already have options to permanently delete your data.

      Assuming you don't trust them to obey, why would you trust their API?

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