back to article Like Visual Studio Code and your data lives in SQL Server? Microsoft has something for you

Microsoft's determination to foist on the world ever more ways of connecting to SQL Server has continued unabated with a major update of the mssql extension for the ubiquitous Visual Studio Code. Developers with a yearning for SQL Server are not short of options, with the venerable SQL Management Studio and upstart Azure Data …

  1. chuBb. Silver badge
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    VS Code is rapidly displacing notepad++ for me

    Been playing with this recently and colour me impressed, saves a lot of the faff with SSMS and is perfect for quick dirty queries, almost as conveinent as doing it on the command line, and infinitly preferable to it when dealing with more than 5 columns especially if they are all varchars at default length (why do people insist on 128 or 256 chars when the column has a constraint limiting it to 3????, come on guys girls mammals, you know enough to write the constraint, not enough to fix your ddl so its readable on command line????; i digress).

    One thing I REALLY like about it is the seemless git integration (i know git but its better than SVN and anything better lacks the traction to displace it), so unlike SSMS where you have leave the IDE to commit your changes, its all in hand here, plus its MUCH easier to work with SQL files, which is great when testing DB upgrades etc. SSMS i have always found to be somewhat lacking in that regard

  2. RichardB

    be nice to get the sqlproj back

  3. doowles

    Now for MYSQL/MARIADB support please!

  4. Arthur Kater :-D ☺


    LINQPad, a brillant tool for .NET developers, supports querying SqlServer (and other databases) using plain SQL as well as LinQ.

    (I'm not affiliated with LINQPad in any way. However, I am using LINQPad for many years, with great satisfaction)

  5. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Valentina Data Studio

    Over the last few months I've been very impressed with Valentina Data Studio for general database work.

  6. Alan Bourke

    VS Code is great

    However I do worry that as more and more features are added it will slowly just become Visual Studio, which is also generally great but which nobody could accuse of being close to the metal and speedy.

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