back to article Former TalkTalk cybersecurity overseer rattles the tin to cover costs of equal pay dispute against UK ISP

A former TalkTalk programme director is crowdfunding the legal costs of an equal pay claim against the budget ISP. Rebecca Burke was paid a basic salary of £110,000 for working in the company's cybersecurity programme in the wake of the catastrophic breach in 2015, during which personal and banking details of up to four …

  1. iron Silver badge

    Paid a basic salary of £110,000... is begging for legal fees.

    This new culture of rich beggars needs to stop.

  2. DreamEater

    Whilst I agree people should be paid the same...

    I’m not sure I can get on board with her claim, considering what her and the company she worked for did and does.

  3. batfink Silver badge

    I'm torn on this one


    On one side: plus marks for:

    - Suing TalkTalk

    - Pledging the £ to the specified charitites (although I'd want to check that the money actually does go their way).

    On the other side: minus marks for:

    - Asking other people to fund your suit when you've been paid £110pa

    - Head of Cybersecurity at TalkTalk? FFS.

    1. Michael Strorm

      Re: I'm torn on this one

      > Asking other people to fund your suit when you've been paid £110pa

      I dunno, £110 a year really *isn't* that much.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    TalkTalk, Security? They've possibly heard of it.

    As for her pay rate: £100,000 a year? Now, you have GOT to be joking. On the basis of TalkTalk's record, she was probably paid far more than other incompetent nitwits, male or female and deserves a pay cut of what? 95%?

  5. teebie

    "m'lud, it's Talktalk, they can't do anything - anything at all - with any degree of success. Clearly the lack the capacity to accurately ascertain or track the gender of their employees"

  6. IGotOut Silver badge

    We have no pay gap!

    Ok it's not perfect, but it gives some indication.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: We have no pay gap!

      This is about equal pay not the gender pay gap.

      £110K salary seems low.

      Anyway, enough talk. Cue the misogyny ... !

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is this the woman that dealt with the cyber security attack on their systems in 2015, the one that told me my details had not been taken by the hackers, well guess what YOU WERE WRONG. And it took bbc watchdog in May of this year to find 4600 customers details online by a simple Google search, been on there for 4 years, when I say details they were as follows, talktalk account number, full name, address, date of birth, email address, mobile telephone number, landline number, sort codes and bank account details, yes you read right. It took watchdog to find this out not you. In January they allowed a fraudster to steal my mobile number over webchat with a WRONG PASSWORD to my account, which led to him gaining access to my email account, locked me out for days and stole a lot of personal information, he also gained access to my bank account. It took months to deal with all of the issues this caused me, it made me ill and I've lost confidence with all online services so I no longer use any, I have a disability so this has caused me a lot of disruption to my life. When my mobile number was stolen I obviously had no service, so had to use my landline to call action fraud, the police and my bank and their fraud department, and others, and guess what they charged me almost £30 for calls, I had to register with cifas to have a fraud marker placed as these fraudsters had everything on me, I had to pay £20 for this, so hows about that then what a bunch of criminals TALKTALK are. So I have no sympathy for this woman whatsoever, could not careless!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good on her

    Ignoring all the TT bashing this news item invites (BTW I don’t have a relationship with TT) this is about pay equality and gender discrimination.. so good on her. As a man, I applaud her courage, as such legal matters take a toll on your personal life. And for those who think being paid £110k means you’re rich or flush with cash .. that pay doesn’t equate to necessarily having the lawyer fees available for the case .. these legal fees are definitely 5 figures, possibly 6 once you go up the legal system hierarchy.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oil upon the water or 'match' to the oil [Take your pick :) ]

    The automatic opprobrium that the mention of 'TalkTalk' encourages can be understood, but this is purely about equal pay which we all should be supporting.

    The question of the 100K salary is also not the point, as apparently others were paid similar by TalkTalk.

    I can see the sense in getting some crowdfunding if the final payout/compensation is *not* being kept but is funding charities that also fight for equal pay etc.

    It would appear that 'Winning' the case is the purpose, namely to prove a point.

    As someone who has fought a similar case for being treated unfairly, the point is to prove as publicly as possible that the company is breaking the law, often breaking it blatantly as most people cannot afford to fight the 'Squadron' of company Lawyers, HR People and Barristers that are set loose as soon as you challenge the 'status quo' aka 'Catch them out !!!'.

    I can only support her as this is not what you should expect from companies today.

    (BTW: I did win *but* I also was hit by the usual NDA ...... that of course is another story and something which also needs to be jumped on from on high !!!)

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