back to article The Hurt Docker: Mystery Hub repository, website outage leaves fuming devs unable to deploy containers

Docker says its services are back up and running after a Tuesday morning outage briefly left some developers unable to access its centralized Hub registry service. The cash-hungry devops darling said today from 1006 to 1104 PT (1706 to 1804 UTC) its Docker Hub registry, the service used to organize and serve up containers, was …

  1. sbt Silver badge

    99.4% uptime

    But, but ... it's the Cloud?! It must be five 9s at least!!!

    Not even 3. Maybe because it's centralized.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      Re: 99.4% uptime

      Arguably, it's too reliable already. If it broke more often people would be thinking more carefully about the underlying model. It does seem to be a characteristic of cloud services that they manage to keep the basket in the air right up to the point you've deposited all your eggs.

  2. cliffberg

    Not surprised. I had to read their code a couple of years back. Horrible. Their use of Go is no doubt a big part of the problem. Go is UNREADABLE to anyone but the original author. Plus the Docker folks seem to have no concept of "backward compatibility" with anything - they create new API versions left and right. Terrible programming discipline.

  3. Jay 2

    Yet another bunch of devs find out what happens when you don't have your own (local) repos. Assuming that you're always going to have Internet connectivity and that what you're consuming from the Internet will always be available is not a good place to be.

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      THIS. As I stated again (last week?), if your CI/CD pipeline introduces external dependencies, fire whomever created it, and bring in someone competent.

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