back to article Sure is quiet from Adobe. No security fixes this month? Great job. Oh no, wait, what's that stampede sound...

Adobe has finally released its October batch of security updates. It was quiet on Patch Tuesday last week, and now it's roaring in with scores of fixes for Reader, Acrobat, and Experience Manager. The bulk of the bug fixes are for Acrobat and Reader, where a total of 67 CVE-listed flaws were patched today. Successful …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    The professional amateur of application development.

    If we didn't have Adobe, we'd only have Microsoft to complain about. So yay for diversity ?

    Mine's the one with the brick in the pocket. Bricks don't need no updating.

    1. Foxglove

      Re: Adobe

      'Bricks don't need no updating'

      Well, they might...

      Specifically, note the existence of an adobe brick!

      I will also get my coat.

    2. Jim Mitchell

      Re: Adobe

      Alas, the bricks themselves may not require patching, but the mortar between the bricks may require repointing at regular intervals.

      1. joeW

        Re: Adobe

        *sigh*, it's always the integration layer isn't it?

    3. gerdesj Silver badge

      Re: Adobe

      If you are not whining about Oracle or Cisco then you are obviously out of scope ...

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Why are my PDF documents counting down?

  3. Vector


    No Flash or Shockwave patches?

    Did we finally kill that thing off?




  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surely after this many patches over the years...

    ...they've re-written the entire codebase? Or are they now at the stage of patching earlier patches?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Surely after this many patches over the years...

      Problem is the adhesive on those patches in breaking down with age so they keep needing to add new sticking plasters to keep them in place...

    2. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: Surely after this many patches over the years...

      I must admit I am wondering how much of the original code base remains. And how much of the first set of patches.

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