back to article SUSE, what? Adoption's still growing, shrugs OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack chief operating officer Mark Collier told The Reg that while SUSE's decision to abandon its OpenStack Cloud product is "obviously disappointing", adoption is "strong and growing". SUSE's decision that it will "cease production of new versions of SUSE OpenStack Cloud" and "discontinue sales of SUSE OpenStack Cloud" is …

  1. dirtygreen


    Why does the drawing legend mention Rackspace when Canonical is fourth as shown in the diagram and described in the text?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SUSE was smart

    I think it was a wise move. Kubernetes is the “new hotness” that everybody is going to.

    That and the OpenStack project list ( ) just screams “a bunch of crap held together by bubblegum.

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