back to article RIP: First space-walk badass Alexei Leonov, who made it to 85 despite best efforts of Soviet machine

Alexei Leonov, the first man to float out of a capsule and into space, has died at the age of 85. As well as his Voskhod 2 antics, Leonov commanded the Soyuz portion of 1975's Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) and, in an alternate history, could have walked on the Moon. He was also notable for dodging disaster, be it his …

  1. Saruman the White Silver badge

    Fake news!!!

    His fears were soon realised as plans for a manned circumlunar mission were dropped following the landing of Apollo 11, and Leonov's hopes to walk on the lunar surface were dashed thanks to the USSR's monster N-1 rocket proving to be explosively unreliable.

    Completely fake news! The N1 rocket was actually explosively very reliable - it exploded 100% of the launch attempts!

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      Re: Fake news!!!

      Alternatively, it could be stated the N1 had GRUD capability (Guaranteed Rapid Unplanned Disassembly).

      Icon, well, because that is the closest to an N1 launch

    2. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: Fake news!!!

      Welll... To be fair it once veered wildly off course, disintegrated and was then explosively terminated by range control.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    No vodka, but a virtual beer in memory of a great man!

    A shame politics shat on him so often, but I guess that is a world wide problem as well.

    1. Dabooka

      I cannot think of a single legitimate reason to down vote that post.

      Have a virtual pint.

      1. 9Rune5

        Reason for dv

        Possibly due to drinking a little too much vodka before missing the upvote button..?

  3. John Mangan

    With absolutely no sense of irony . . .

    What a guy!

  4. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    BURAN prototype OK-GLI

    at Technik Mueseum Speyer

    "The BURAN prototype OK-GLI shown in the museum was built in 1984 and was used for testing glidingflight and landing after reentry into the atmosphere. During this part of the project the OK-GLI completed 25 atmospheric flights between 1984 and 1989 and significantly contributed to the successful orbital flight of a BURAN shuttle in 1988."

    Auto & Technik Mueseum Sinsheim (Concorde and TU-144)

    Speyer is near Mannheim, and Sinsheim is near Heidelberg

  5. MonsieurTM

    I was at a the Science Museum and had the opportunity to listen to Leonov in conversation there. A great man, who flew amongst the stars. Now he resides in Heaven. RIP. A great loss.

  6. MonsieurTM

    I have seen the film and highly recommend it. (Note : I have read the 4 volume set of Chertok's memoirs, the book in the Buran, the books on the Salyut & Mir space stations amongst others.)

  7. Jay Lenovo

    Just do it

    Considering how many times he was exposed to death and disaster, "Seize the day" isn't a bad motto.

    Since his spacewalk in 1965, that's over 50 years of essentially, purpose driven bonus time.

  8. Mayday

    Biggest Balls

    Of anyone who has ever lived.

    Anyone who can let air out of their space suit, get bent in the process and still save their arse gets respect from me.

  9. earl grey

    Doffs hat

    Drinks toast.


  10. Winkypop Silver badge

    Heroes of my childhood

    Higher than most

    Highest of them all


    Eternal flame -->

  11. Sartori

    Great article, great man!

    That was a superb read, thank you. I had absolutely no idea about this guy, but I'm glad I do now, huge respect for everything he achieved.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The "Tsiolkovsky State Museum" (was called "Tsiolkovsky SPACE Museum" when I was there), has/had a big Buran display when I was the back in the nouties. About 3 hours by train from ( Kievskya station), Moscow.

    Not as big as other space museums I have visited, but interesting to get the Soviet angle on it.

    Kaluga* is an unremarkable town otherwise, but the old style Soviet hotel down the side road opposite the museum used to served the BEST Borscht.

    It also had plentiful hot water, unlike the "Century 21st" hotel they steered tourists towards.

    *Kaluga's only other claim to fame is the LARGEST pot hole I have ever seen; so big (wide and a couple of feet deep), the bus I was on went through a field to go around it. I jokingly told a local taxi driver that I didnt understand why the Russian kept claiming to be worried we would invade them - when didnt have a tank that could survive their roads.

  13. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Another childhood hero joins the choir invisible

    He has had a good innings, at least. I raised a glass when first I heard of his death a few days back.

    I visited the space museum in Samara, Russia once, and as you enter you walk underneath a full-size Soyuz carrier rocket. Inside there are many capsules, spacesuits, and full-size models of satellites. It was really amazing how small and cramped these craft were. It took some real guts to get into such a little capsule atop such a massive rocket.

  14. jason 7

    The movie... well worth a watch. I watched it on Prime a few weeks ago. The watched the Salyut 7 one too. Good fun.

  15. malcontent


    there is a Buran at Baikonur which you can peer into. The flight deck looks decidedly agricultural, a sort of democratisation of the genre.

    Should Voskhod not be better described as two-person spacecraft? I think there were plans to include one of the female space corps in a mission.

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