back to article You rang? Windows 10 gets ever cosier with Android, unleashes Calls on Insiders

Microsoft squeezed out a fresh build of Windows 10 last night, and finally released the much-anticipated Calls feature to eager Windows Insiders. Announced on-stage at Samsung's Unpacked event and shown off at the Microsoft's Surface shindig last week, the feature (Android only, naturally) allows a Your Phone user to make and …

  1. Wellyboot Silver badge


    Now MS can slurp your calls without needing to build & sell actual phones.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge


      Given how unreliably it sends text messages to your PC, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

      They'll get it right in the 2nd iteration, then quietly drop it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Resizable windows

    You know what would be really nice?

    Being able to resize all those useless tiny and fixed size windows in Active Directory Users and Computers. Why, after all these years, are those nasty things still hardcoded to a uselessly small window size?

    1. dnicholas

      Re: Resizable windows

      And file / folder permissions in the security tab while they're at it

    2. ToFab

      Re: Resizable windows

      And the services windows, where you always must start to click the standard tab and the resize the name column in order to see the names of the services

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Resizable windows

        If by “standard tab” you mean switching away from the utterly pointless and space-wasting “extended view”, there’s a GPO to permanently fix that:

        User Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Microsoft Management Console -> Restricted/Permitted snap-ins -> Extension snap-ins -> Extended View (Web View) = Disabled

  3. Baldrickk

    I had this working with my old Nokia back in 2006, though admittedly that was a Nokia app, not a MS one.

    1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

      1. Twanky

        'if there were any truth in advertizing'


  4. Barry Rueger

    All Well and Good But...

    I'm much, much more interested in knowing what this update will break.

    Honestly there are probably a thousand significant issues that MS could be addressing instead of faffing around with crap like this.

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Re: All Well and Good But...

      Yeah but understanding such issues and programming their fixes are hard, and product managers have to be seen to be doing something each release cycle to keep their job. So they convince senior management such things are complicated, slow to fix and maybe not worth the effort, and go for the low hanging fruit. Senior management doesn't give a shit as long as new releases are emmited at the desired cadence and don't diverge from their vision.

      Hence a shitshow of pointless feature bloat and a growing backlog of real issues that will never get fixed.

      Cynical? Moi?

  5. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Once more puppets - raise your right hands

    We're rapidly reaching the position (if indeed we haven't already got there) where MS, Google et al make all our decisions for us - including what we want to do with our computers, what we should have wanted to search for on the web, and whether we care about privacy (they assume we don't).

    Oh for the days of DOS and for bare metal. I used to have total control over the computer I'd paid for, and I did some pretty amazing stuff without having "my hand held" by vendors.

    1. Efer Brick

      Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

      One word - Linux

      1. Patrician

        Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

        Unfortunately if you want to do some gaming on your PC as well as home/office/email/web, any distro of Linux is pretty much a non-starter at this time.

        1. CAPS LOCK

          Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

          "Unfortunately if you want to do some gaming on your PC as well as home/office/email/web, any distro of Linux is pretty much a non-starter at this time"


          1. phuzz Silver badge

            Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

            Ok, let me just have a look at a few games I've been playing recently without problems on Windows:

            Subnautica: Apparently it will work under Wine "99%", after a bunch of fiddling. So it's a starter, but clearly not up to par.

            Forza Horizon 4: Nope, unsurprisingly for a Microsoft game, no one seems to have got this working on Linux

            FTL: Has a Linux version, so all good. (Although you might need to disable PulseAudio to prevent it locking up)

            Surviving Mars: Also seem to have a Linux installer (if you buy from GoG).

            The Bradwell Conspiracy: No mention of it anywhere on the internet, but it's just come out. I'm going to chalk this down as a 'probably not'.

            To sum up; a lot better than I was expecting, but still only about 85% of the way there.

          2. Patrician

            Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

            In what way is this "untrue"?

            Try playing Mass Effect <any of them> any Bethesda game for instance; yes there are games developed for Linux but, your options are not as open as to what games you can play as they are with Windows.

        2. Updraft102

          Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

          That would be a pretty big shock to, erm, me, who games on Linux with some frequency. Just bought a gaming laptop not long ago with the intent of running Linux on it exclusively (Windows 10 is the non-starter here. Would not touch that shite if I was in biohazard suit!).

          1. Patrician

            Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

            Okay, what games do you play then run natively in Linux? This isn't a challenge, I am really interested, because when I looked into this, the majority of the games in my library are not supported under Linux without messing around with a "wrapper" type tool such as Wine.

        3. Aussie Doc Bronze badge
          Thumb Down

          Re: Only have one thing to say to Lenovo....

          Fake Gnus!!!

    2. JohnFen

      Re: Once more puppets - raise your right hands

      I don't know about you, but MS, Google, et. al., makes exactly zero decisions about any of that. You don't have to let them, either.

  6. jj_0


    The article title should have been "Microsoft turns Windows 10 into a carkit!"

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Re: Carkit

      Indeed, sounds exactly like they've simply added support for the bluetooth handsfree profile, dressing it up as a wonderous new feature and hoping most of their user base is too uninformed to notice.

  7. karlkarl Silver badge

    If you need the Android phone anyway, why not just put it to your ear?

    1. Is It Me

      It would just be a little more convenient, especially if you work with headphones on anyway.

      I use the service that lets me read and reply to texts via the web page, and I find this much more convenient than getting the phone out of my pocket to read and having a full size keyboard to reply.

      1. LDS Silver badge

        For SMS I used to have a small app that was able to read and send them when the phone was connected to the PC, 1998-9 circa... IIRC it used simple AT commands, without any "web service" reading my SMS between. Of course, removed in the new shiny mobes.

        I wonder why they took so long to re-implement such features.

        MS could have implemented them already in Win8/WP8 times - easier when you control both OS, and it could have made them sell some devices more....

        1. Swedish Chef

          For a great all-around Android/PC sync app, give MyPhoneExplorer a try. It's free-as-in-beer (well, donationware) and does a lot more than most bloatware PC suites that came with the phone, including messaging and call control.

  8. Tim 11

    Unified comms anyone?

    If you ask me, it's pretty shameful that in 2019 we've only just invented a way for your computer (which is probably already connected to the world's primary network) to communicate with someone on a phone (which is probably also connected to the same network). if you'd have asked me that question 30 years ago I would have expected us to have got that figured out by the year 2000

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Unified comms anyone?

      I had a program that worked with my Sony phone in ~2004 which allowed me to send texts from my computer (via Bluetooth). No audio though.

  9. Updraft102

    Is this...

    Is this like KDE Connect that I've had on my Linux desktop for a while now? A quick web search reveals a 2016 release date. GJ, Microsoft!

  10. Aussie Doc Bronze badge

    Something deep and meaningful

    I now it's still only in the early stages but it sounds awfully inconvenient to do at the moment.

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