back to article Aria Technology takes £750k VAT fraud case to Court of Appeal

Aria Technology Ltd, the company that used to run e-tailer Aria PC, is headed for the Court of Appeal in a third attempt to overturn a £750,000 VAT fraud ruling. The company has secured permission from Lord Justice Lewison to appeal against an HMRC decision to deny the firm £758,770.69 in input tax after the UK taxman decided …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    How many??

    How many appeals before his legal bill is larger than his tax bill??

    Meanwhile, couldnt happen to a nicer company.

    AWFF With His HEAD!!

  2. macjules
    Thumb Up

    Hell hath no fury

    Like a scorned vulture.

  3. Rol

    Quickie tax relief.

    For a fraction of the cost of his briefs, Aria Taheri could have gender reassignment, which would then make her eligible to appeal directly to Boris the animal (it's just Boris) Johnson.

    1. defiler

      Re: Quickie tax relief.

      Even Boris can't fix your tax bill. But he could issue a grant for roughly the same amount. :-/

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