back to article If you thought Windows Insiders was lacking a little in the leadership department, it is now

Windows Insiders celebrated five years of the programme with the sudden ejection of its boss, Dona Sarkar, to cloudy pastures new. Sarkar oversaw the programme during some of the lowest points in the history of Windows quality, although to be fair the organisational issues that led to last year's catastrophic October 2018 …

  1. TheGriz

    Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

    In my mind, nothing states what is wrong with the Insider Program more than what she currently has up on her Twitter account. " Anyone can be a dev in 5 mins". No Dona, they can't, and that is the core problem with the Insider Program, that and all the "fluff", (i.e. Ninjacat)

    How can the program do what is supposed to do, MAKE WINDOWS 10 BETTER, when you don't have PROFESSIONAL (or at least experienced) testers, but instead open it up to any idiot who can use email.

    My hope is with her out of the picture, now they can put someone in the role who will not be distracted and narcissistic (i.e. someone more interested in her own selfies, than developing software) and shape up this crappy system Microsoft is relying on.

    Here's a flight into fancy, how about someone who will push to kill off the failed and hated METRO and bring back a "Windows 7 like" Start Menu, is that really asking too much? I've been a Windows user since 3.0, and I've never spoken to a single end user who likes the Windows 10 menu.

    Adios Dona, I'm sure your NinjaCats will follow to your next assignment, (at least let us all hope so) :P

    1. ArrZarr Silver badge

      Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

      I like the Windows 10 start menu. Being able to go from desktop to internet search or application with the windows button and typing is a genuine improvement that gets what I'm after first try almost every time. It's a PITA that they restricted the system to just Bing on Edge, but it is a useful feature.

      But considering I also really liked the Win8 Start Screen, apparently I'm just a hopeless mutant.

      In response to your dev in 5 minutes point, I agree but the concept I think (hope) she's trying to get across is that the act of programming isn't as complicated as many think. It only gets difficult when you start trying to write something for other people to use.

      1. 9Rune5 Silver badge

        Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line


        Press Windows key, start typing the name of the thing I want to launch -> Done!

        There is room for improvement (loads of ads for one thing), sure, but for me it works better than Win7 did.

        Plus, for those who find the start menu isn't up to snuff: They improved the console. It now has full ANSI support. 256 colours to boot! I feel like a teenager again.

        1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

          Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

          "Press Windows key, start typing the name of the thing I want to launch"

          It sounds very much like what we call the command line. I thought Winnies weren't supposed to like that.

        2. steviebuk Silver badge

          Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

          Press the Windows key, type the program you want that you know if fucking installed and the shitty search system never fines it. Manually find it, then try and again and now it fucking fines it. Reboot, same shit all over again.

          I hate the Windows 10 search.

      2. Hans 1 Silver badge

        Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

        Bing on Edge is part of the problem, sure ...

      3. Updraft102 Silver badge

        Re: Dona Sarkar's Twitter Tag Line

        What use is there for a unified search? I have a pretty good idea of where I want to search for something! If I am looking for something on the web, there's no use in trying to look for it on my local drive. When I want web results, I use (get this) a web browser. Not the one that Microsoft chooses for me, and not using the search engine Microsoft chooses for me, but the ones I choose. No tracking (Startpage), no ads (uBlock Origin), and better results than I ever had with Bing.

        If I want to search for a file, I use (or I did when I used Windows) Everything, which puts Windows search to shame. It finds every instance of whatever it is I searched for instantly, full stop. Windows search can't even come close, either in speed or completeness of result.

        If I want to search for an installed program (without having to navigate through the menu), I used the Classic Shell search, which is far better than the Windows search for that purpose. I can hit the "Windows" key and type the first few letters and have it come up immediately, even if it is one of the things Windows search likes to pretend don't exist until you type the whole name (type "regedi" or "" and nothing comes up; type a t or a c and suddenly it figures it out). I don't need to have system tools hidden to protect me from myself!

        The results in each case are better than what Windows search would give me, and not having a unified search point doesn't matter if you can tell a web search from a file search from a program search.

  2. chivo243 Silver badge

    a more sober line under new leadership

    Whaaa? and kill the party in Redmond? Seriously, sober wasn't in the room when the "Insider Program" idea was hatched. Maybe *cough* some dank clouds were in the room, but sobriety?

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Dev in 5 minutes ?

    Clearly this lady has not given training courses. I do, regularly, and out of a pool of 6 to 8 people, I can tell on the first day which ones will never get past basic concepts, such as passing parameters and declaring subs or functions.

    I'm absolutely not saying that they are all idiots, I'm saying that programming is a rather particular state of mind, and not everybody can adapt to it.

    In any case, I do hope this will be an opportunity to get more stability into Windows 1 0.

    God knows it needs it.

    1. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: Dev in 5 minutes ?

      Although her statement isn't accurate, I think she's trying to appeal to people who think they could never be a programmer. Some may not realise, try it and find out they are good at it. But some "Devs" like to build walls and not let anyone in.

      Ones that got into such areas when they didn't have experience were David Malan from the Harvard CS50 course and he's a great teacher. And Jessa from iPad Rehab (although that was electronics same idea. She was a stay at home mum in a world were people would make out "You can't just pick it up the next day and start repairing stuff")

      Yes, being a dev came become complicated and programming can be difficult but shouldn't stop people from trying. And I think that was the point of her 5 min comment. To encourage those that normally wouldn't, to just give it a try.

    2. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      Re: Dev in 5 minutes ?

      "I can tell on the first day which ones will never get past basic concepts, such as passing parameters and declaring subs or functions."

      Wait, there are other concepts?! I knew I'd been doing this programming wrong...

    3. Updraft102 Silver badge

      Re: Dev in 5 minutes ?

      The corporate culture that thought that the "head ninja cat" would be a good choice is still there. "Windows as a Service" is still in place. Nadella still thinks he's clever for saving the money that would have been paid to the testers.

      Don't expect any change.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft UX expert talks about Windows 10

  5. BugabooSue

    Windows Exporer

    I can get by with the Win10 Start Menu thing - once I have got rid of the stupid active tiles and the other childish junk.

    What I cannot suffer is Windows Explorer! Whoever thought that this pathetic piece of junk was going to be of any use in a work environment is way beyond me!!

    I recently had to use it on a colleague's PC, and almost freaked-out as to how it gets in the way of what you are trying to do - just give me a list of the drives and folders goddamit, and stop listing crap by "Recently used" and other nonsense!!

    Also, what-the-flying-F was so wrong with File Manager? It was bloody useful!!

    I realise I have spoiled myself by installing Directory Opus on all my Windows machines, and that I may be selling Windows Explorer short, but who has the time to waste trying to get that POS to work in a way that makes moving/copy/comparing files a non-event?


    Change for change's sake is not always a good thing. I'm not blaming her personally, just hoping that future GUI/program (NOT fscking "Apps!") will focus a bit more on users who use Windows for work involving the Desktop and not bloody tablets...

    A forlorn hope indeed. ;(

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