back to article Dead simple: Plenty of Magecart miscreants still looking to skim off your credit card deets

Infamous card-skimming malware Magecart is still out there – and the latest campaign has affected at least 17,000 domains so far, according to threat intel biz RiskIQ. Head researcher Yonathan Klijnsma told The Register there are still around 15 active Magecart-employing cybercrime groups that RiskIQ is aware of. With the …

  1. GnuTzu

    "malware-laden ads"

    Yup, that's why proxy admins block ad services for entire organizations.

    Until ad services take responsibility for the what they deliver--and subject to audit--and can be held accountable for any damage--this is the way of it.

    1. Muscleguy Silver badge

      Re: "malware-laden ads"

      In the same way that websites who put moving ads on pages you are trying to read etc are why we originally started to run adblock extensions back in the day and are still doing so.

      El Reg was one of the worst, as you scrolled the page a moving sound producing thing would launch across the page from the right at the same point. It was stuff like that which drove us to go there, no sympathy.

      I don't see any ads, not even on Youtube or Fb (spit).

      I'm only on Fb for business reasons anyway and hardly ever go into it anyway.

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