back to article Huygens if true: Dutch police break up bulletproof hosting outfit and kill Mirai botnet

Dutch police said in a translated news release that they have busted a local 'bulletproof' server hosting operation in a major takedown that also nabbed a pair of Mirai botnet operators. The Netherlands' National Criminal Investigation Department and National Cyber Security Center operated jointly to track down and seize five …

  1. Blockchain commentard

    So, bulletproof servers aren't just running inside Kevlar cases then?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      I always thought those types of services were only in countries that were not interested in proper law enforcement. Poor places that have other priorities than worrying about a bunch of bytes only affecting people far away.

      Seems to me that local crime in Europe (or at least, in the Netherlands) would do better to choose a bulletproof server in a country that will leave the hosting provider alone. It's on the Internet anyway, who cares about the location of the server ?

      In any case, good on those cops. Hopefully they will get data from those servers that will serve to bust other operations as well.

      1. Sgt_Oddball

        As the article said..

        Local servers have lower latencies when on the same continent. There's also the whole thing of dealing with locals vs dealing with foreign types (better the devil you know).

        1. Arthur the cat Silver badge

          Re: As the article said..

          There's also the whole thing of dealing with locals vs dealing with foreign types (better the devil you know).

          Yes. If you're doing something profitably criminal, would you really want to do it on a machine where the local equivalent of the mafia has console access?

      2. TeeCee Gold badge

        Yes but:

        Service located in shithole: White hats pay off right people, service goes down with extreme prejudice the next day and its operators are never seen or heard of again.

        Service located in western democracy: White hats apply for court order to cease. Many months of legal wrangling later, service is taken down in police raid. Operators pick up fine and possibly a short stay in prison.

        1. VTAMguy

          Yes, vigilante justice always works out so well.

      3. bpfh

        Probably depends on policing...

        If your local cop shop can’t be bothered to take your complaint - as fully documented as it may be - to a prosecutor, and the hosting company redirects their postmaster and noc emails to /dev/null, you are basically stuffed until a public prosecutor decides to take action and seize their assets for analysis and freeze their peering agreements. How long will it take for your complaint to the police or direct to the public prosecutors office to go from level 1 to level 4 where the action happens ? Not quick, and a lot of duplicate requests come in may case the escalation to go faster, but noncertainty on that...

      4. Manolo

        "countries that were not interested in proper law enforcement"

        So, The Netherlands it is.

        Citizens in The Netherlands hardly bother to report crime anymore, as they know it's useless. The police actively discourages people from reporting crime. Most reports do no lead to investigations. Most investigations do not lead to arrests. A lot of arrests do not lead to convictions. If convicted, sentences are low. Standard sentencing for murder is eighteen years, but everyone gets a free one third deduction, so in twelve years a murderer is free again.

        And if sentenced, not showing up for incarceration is a viable option: at present there are more people convicted to jail sentences out and about than actually locked up.

        1. Tomato Krill

          The *Express*?


          1. Stumpy

            Re: Seems a bit cheap

            Could've been worse ... poster could have linked the Daily Mail.

            1. simonlb Silver badge

              Re: Everything under control

              The Daily Express is so out of date it needs a bloke with a red flag walking in front of it!

              1. Evil Harry

                Re: Everything under control

                "The Daily Express is so out of date it needs a bloke with a red flag walking in front of it!"

                You. I like you.

          2. Manolo

            Well sorry if I could not immediately find an artiicle from The Grauniad.

            If there are any factual errors in the article I'll be happy to hear it.

            Are all the downvotes just because I link to the wrong newspaper, or do you just downvote because you refuse to believe the situation is that bad?

            I can provide more politically correct links, but they are all in Dutch.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "So, bulletproof servers aren't just running inside Kevlar cases then?"

      There was an another bulletproof server operation busted just the other day that was not only bulletproof but could probably withstand some bomb and missle strikes as it was built in an old NATO bunker:

      1. John McCallum

        NATO bunker

        As was reported in this rag yesterday I think

        1. anothercynic Silver badge

          Re: NATO bunker

          El Reg is not a rag! They are at least a couple of rungs higher up the ladder than the rags called The Scum, The Daily (Sunday) Heil, or the Daily Sh**press... I mean, really.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      >So, bulletproof servers aren't just running inside Kevlar cases then?

      And hosting pirated La Roux songs.

    4. ckm5

      Apparently only 5 servers

      Five servers is all it takes to:

      - Be bulletproof

      - Run a bot net doing 'millions' of attacks per day

      - Profit?

    5. mhoulden

      I think it's where the syadmins drink vastly overpriced coffee mixed with butter instead of cream.

  2. Bronek Kozicki

    Good riddance

    Sadly, there are many more to go.

  3. Warm Braw


    make sure they have changed default passwords and double-checked their firewall settings and updated all firmware

    There is a caveat on the police website which translates roughly as "if this is possible". It's a big if with this class of device.


    Dutch police you say?...

    Hmm, here's some now:

  5. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge


    If you pronounce Huygens "correctly", the pun makes no sense at all. It took me a while...

    (Alternative icon: facepalm)

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