back to article Percona packages PostgreSQL alongside existing MySQL and MongoDB products

PostgreSQL is among the most popular database management systems, but market share is a slippery thing to measure, depending on whether you mean revenue, developer activity, or actual deployed databases. The developer-focused StackOverflow puts PostgreSQL second after MySQL, with Microsoft SQL Server third and Oracle way down …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Based on recent discussions with other developers, I'd largely agree with Percona's take. Postgres is becoming the default OS database for applications and SQLite is starting to colonise the MySQL space where speed and simplicity are sought over some of the more advanced RDBMS. It's nice to see several companies providing professional Postgres support and contributing actively to its development.

    Worth noting, that though I'm no fan of Oracle, they have definitly improved the quality of MySQL since they bought it.

    1. sbt Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      improved the quality of MySQL since they bought it

      That's interesting; I bailed to PostgresQL after a brief experiment with MySQL a bit before Oracle acquired. It's come a long way in that time feature-wise.

      While I had to use Oracle professionally many years ago and it seemed to beat most competitors on the technology side, the costs were ludicrous. After what they did to Sun Microsystems, I've had no wish to reward Larry and co.

      I think it's handy that companies are building business around supporting customers with open source software; lack of support is clearly a massive barrier to entry when the software itself is "free".

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