back to article Cisco helps ease blight of tourism on Orkney's Wi-Fi hotspot network thanks to £4.3m grant

Cisco has begun live trials of its OpenRoaming technology on the Orkney islands off the north coast of Scotland, intended to allow people to move more easily between Wi-Fi hotspots. The trial is part of the UK government's £25m 5G RuralFirst testbeds programme. Last year it awarded a £4.3m grant to Switchzilla and the …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    Don't give a monkey's about 5G (hell, I couldn't get a 2g signal the other day!) but have a credit for, either deliberately or by accident, the story picture chosen not being a farmed honey bee on a urban garden flower :-)

  2. TheVogon

    What a waste of our money. Put 5G in built up areas first where it's of most benefit.

    1. Torquemada_131

      SCALABILITY,... They need to deploy in a controlled area first, to uncover any weaknesses.

      Once this has been tested and approved, rolling this out to a wider audience can be implemented without any potentially negative aspects.

  3. Danny 2 Silver badge

    Gas lighting

    My great grandfather was employed to light the gas street lamps in Kirkwall. I can't imagine it was the most taxing or rewarding job on the islands, which is maybe why they moved to Leith. Little known fact, a lot of Orcadians moved to Leith at that time.

    I've never been to Orkney myself, but I have been to Shetland several times on IT callouts and I highly recommend it. So many whales.

    1. TheVogon

      Re: Gas lighting

      There are plenty of whales all over Scotland. I think it's the local diet of chips, lager and deep fried mars bars.

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