1. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Instagram account security emails

    Good morning all

    Just wondering if ZuckCo is pulling a fast one again.

    Yesterday at 23:44 I received two emails from Instagram telling me that some ne'er-do-well in Malaysia has accessed my Instagram account.

    Initial reaction was like WTF as I had closed down my faceboob account quite a while ago. So I mosey'd on over and noticed that the account seems to be normal, void of any pictures etc (since I never used this feature of faceboob) and in the security settings only one logon was logged, and that is my current logon, and nothing else.

    Of course being the Bastard that I am, I set my Instagram password to a fiendishly strong one (and no, it's not HorseBatteryStaple or something like that) and enabled 2FA.

    So now we will see. I'm pretty sure somebody is trying to zuck people into something that they can zuck data all the more from.

    Bully for them. I'm not interested in that.

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