back to article We finally got one! Russian 'fesses up to cracking bank servers, netting big bucks

On Monday, Andrei Tyurin, a 35-year-old Russian national, pleaded guilty in New York to charges of computer intrusion, bank and wire fraud, and online gambling in connection with a sustained hacking campaign targeting US financial institutions. "Andrei Tyurin’s extensive hacking campaign targeted major financial institutions, …

  1. sbt Silver badge

    "Hack spee"

    Sister ship to the Graf Spee?

    1. HellDeskJockey

      Re: "Hack spee"

      Let me add the Graf Spee also didn't work out well.

  2. Tom Paine Silver badge

    Russian? New York?

    I wondered how a Russian came to be in a New York courtroom. Turns out he was extradited from Georgia. Good work there:

    Good to see another wrong 'un go down, as long as there's another evil genius kingpin adversary coming down the line -- ready to give us new horrorshow incidents to wave at management at budget time.

    1. jmch Silver badge

      Re: Russian? New York?

      "Turns out he was extradited from Georgia"

      So the Union has extradition agreements with the Confederacy? He was in Atlanta all the time?

      1. A random security guy Bronze badge

        Re: Russian? New York?

        States rights and all that ...

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