back to article Loathed Aussie mining magnate Clive Palmer punts libel sueball at YouTube comedian

A four-month-old video has been dredged up and given a massive publicity boost thanks to legal threats sent by Australian would-be politician Clive Palmer to YouTube comedian Jordan Shanks. The video (which we'd link to if it hadn't been taken down) was posted back in May when Palmer was throwing vast amounts of money at …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge


    Now THAT's a good IT story Reg...

    1. Excellentsword
      IT Angle

      Re: Tee-hee

      Wrong icon

  2. Youngone Silver badge

    Good on ya Aussie

    I worry about our Australians friends sometimes, and then they go and not vote for Fatty McFuckhead despite all the money he threw at them, and I feel better.

    If they get rid of that weird racist lady now, that would be good.

    1. Oengus

      Re: Good on ya Aussie

      The USA has Trump, Britain has Boris. At least our nutcases (at the moment) don't run the country...

      I do like the fact that Clive spent millions on the campaign and didn't get a seat

      1. IGotOut Silver badge

        Re: Good on ya Aussie

        He lacks the floppy hair to be a politically succesful scumbag.

      2. *jr*
        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Good on ya Aussie

          Id take comically incompetent over religious fundie whackadoo any day

      3. cosymart

        Re: Good on ya Aussie

        To be honest our Boris doesn't run the country either, I think he might have just discovered that minor fact despite being PM.

        Be careful there in Australia, if Boris keeps on digging his holes he might pop out down under :-)

        1. Mike Moyle

          Re: Good on ya Aussie

          "Be careful there in Australia, if Boris keeps on digging his holes he might pop out down under :-)"

          Actually, he'd end up in the ocean somewhere SE of New Zealand. He's have to go severely off-plumb to hit Australia.

          (Jokes about "Boris Johnson" and "severely off-plumb" are left as an exercise for the reader.)

      4. Michael Hoffmann

        Re: Good on ya Aussie


        We had Tony Abbot as PM, we still have Peter Dutton (non-Aussies will have to google him... he's the guy who looks like some creep from Hollywood central casting for generic Gestapo office #83457). ScoMo is a pentecostal fundie.

        1. Denarius Silver badge

          Re: Good on ya Aussie

          @Micahel. Not quite. Duttom IMHO, resembles Voldemort to a scary degree. Not enough obvious delight in FUD to be Gestapo actor.

          1. Tom Paine

            Re: Good on ya Aussie

            Never heard of the guy before but a quick images search for "Peter Dutton memes" and I get the idea

        2. hoofie

          Re: Good on ya Aussie

          Yet he still won an election that was Labor's for the taking. Dutton got back in despite huge efforts by that paragon of electoral fairness Getup! to unseat him. His vote went UP not down.

          If there is one thing the last election showed, Australians do not like being lectured by progressives.

        3. Winkypop Silver badge

          Re: Good on ya Aussie

          He also looks like Mr Potatoe Head's creepy brother.

    2. Denarius Silver badge

      Re: Good on ya Aussie

      @Younggone; To which one of the multiple pollies who want to write the false concept of race into laws and Constitution do you refer ?

    3. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

      Re: Good on ya Aussie

      and then they go and not vote for Fatty McFuckhead despite all the money he threw at them

      If you understand our three political parties right now, I don't blame people for voting for Clive. He is the "best" of the lot (and that's already "scraping the bottom of the barrel").

      I do like the fact that Clive spent millions on the campaign and didn't get a seat

      No he didn't. It may say that $60mil was "his" money but in reality he can claim that as a legitimate "tax deduction". Why? Because the Australian Tax Office is terrified of "upsetting" the big business.

      PS: And he's what I call a "media w h*re".

  3. Terry 6 Silver badge

    I know we don't get much Australian news here in the UK, so I'd never heard of this guy.

    I have now though.


  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Good ol' Babs

    Never fails us!

  5. earl grey

    i hope he wins

    the obligatory $1. Thank you Fatty McFucktard.

    1. Lotaresco

      Re: i hope he wins

      "the obligatory $1. "

      The problem with that is that Shanks would then be stuck with Palmer's costs. That's the problem with most libel cases - the damages are usually a token unless it was a particularly nasty form of libel but a billionaires lawyers will present bills for (at least) hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  6. Denarius Silver badge


    Indeed, Oz tends to kiss the boot or worse of its exploiters. That enough of the populace failed to vote for his party was a pleasant unexpected surprise. However, despite generally avoiding the economic suicide so beloved by the OMG we are all going to die mobs, many of the interesting candidates were ignored for more party drones. In short we are as stuffed as any other exWestern country.

    1. sbt

      Kiss the boot

      Nah, we invented tall poppy syndrome down here. We prefer the underdog, even when he's humping our leg. The quality of the local political class is as low as the rest of "the free world". Like other democracies, the incentives to participate select for the wrong personalities.

      Hopefully the dropbears will get 'em.

  7. FozzyBear

    Fatty McFuckhead

    Defamation. Not Bloody likely.

    That's the most accurate description of that political low life I've ever heard

    1. Tom Paine

      Re: Fatty McFuckhead

      Is "honest opinion" a legit defence against claims of libel or slander in Aussie law?

      1. sbt

        Honest opinion a defence

        It is, but you have to choose your words carefully up front to rely on that defence (there is a defence for truth, but it reverses the onus of proof to the libel defendant).

        Here in Oz, we have some of the most protective libel laws on Earth, somewhat at odds with our reputation as easy-going, "she'll be right" larrikins. We must be more like lamingtons, soft and delicate (and covered in coconut).

    2. The Central Scrutinizer

      Re: Fatty McFuckhead

      Well, Fatty McFuckhead clearly has no clue about the difference between an insult and defamation.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A new defamation suit has just been filed....

    Humpty Dumpty has filed a defamation complaint for being compared to Clive Palmer.

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. disgruntled yank

      Re: If Carl 'butthead' Sagan can't win, then neither should this bloke.

      Spoken like a true American! What's law in the USA should be law everywhere, right?

      (I do think the US standard for libel preferable to what I understand to be the British law; I just don't see why, barring an enactment of the Australian parliament it should be the Australian standard.)

      1. James Anderson

        Re: If Carl 'butthead' Sagan can't win, then neither should this bloke.

        I would tend to agree with you. — except “lying Hillary”, “Pocohantis Warren” could bring and would win a libel action in England,

  10. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Streisand Effect is a bitch to those who try to hide the truth.

  11. Harry Stottle

    Jordan Shanks Update Response

    the original video seems to have been buried but Jordan has published this much more detailed response

    1. Excellentsword (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Jordan Shanks Update Response

      Yes, that is the same video linked to in the story.

  12. John McCallum

    Clive Palmer is a Fatty Mc Fuckhead

    In my opinion !!!

  13. Cederic Silver badge

    I do like the robust defence.

  14. Peter Clarke 1

    I name this ship ....

    Please, someone convince Clive Palmer to have a public vote to name his next big project...

  15. eldakka Silver badge

    Point of Order!

    "Fatty McFuckhead"

    That is incorrect usage. Shanks has used a grammatically incorrect formulation of "Xy McX...". It should be:

    Fatty McFatFace


    Fucky McFuckFace.

    I would also have accepted:

    Fatfucky McFatfuckFace.

  16. Tom 35

    What is it with mining magnets?

    This joins Eat Shit Bob from a giant squirrel.

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