back to article Western Digital: We're just about DDN with these data centre systems

American drive-slinger Western Digital has pulled out of the storage systems business, telling the world last night that it is selling the IntelliFlash array unit to DDN. WD also has plans to exit its ActiveScale archival storage array business, it confirmed, saying that keeping either unit on board would require "focus and …

  1. rcxb Silver badge

    It's not great business to be in competition with your largest customers.

    Competition in the spinning HDD space is down to nothing... WD has almost 1/3rd of the market while Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung share a bit more than 1/3rd.

    SSDs bring a bit more diversity, but less in the enterprise side of things, and WD is doing a good job buying up their competitors in that space, too.

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