back to article We sense a great disturbance in the Salesforce: File-slinging feature breaks down for more than 12 hours

It has been a rough morning for Salesforce here in San Francisco: part of the cloud giant's sprawling empire fell over and stayed down for more than 12 hours. In fact, it stumbled over so hard, CEO Marc Benioff's techies are having to apply fixes to servers manually. The SaaS titan told customers on Thursday night its Files …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Not to bash Salesforce, but

    I have to wonder how many file issues there were when everyone had their server locally on the network.

    Cloud is just someone else's server, and that also means subject to someone else's problems.

    I can't help but think that this cloud mania is going to die down and recenter itself on things that people really need Cloud for : sharing data (securely, I hope) between distant locations.

    Using Cloud when everyone works in the same building every day is just asinine, you win nothing and you set yourself up for this kind of problem.

    1. fredesmite

      Re: Not to bash Salesforce, but

      private companies start off-loading storage to the cloud thinking it will have a more long life , stable storage environment than on-prem , and overall cost "less " -- until they discover they can't access it, or hacked , or lost completely

      1. sorry, what?

        Re: Not to bash Salesforce, but

        All of those things can happen for on-prem data and servers. And you have to employ a sys admin to do stuff like backups, configure/update OS and security, handle disk management etc. And you have the risk that your sys admin is happy to drink coffee in the server room, propping the cup on the kvm switch at head height on the pull out tray in your server rack then absent-mindedly pushing the tray back in and causing a coffee coloured waterfall down inside your rack...

  2. fredesmite

    Remember - Cloud computing

    Is nothing more than putting your crap on someone else's computer that other people are using , and expecting the owners to care more about it than you do..

    1. sorry, what?

      Re:not wanting to defend Salesforce, but...

      Two years ago I would have said the same thing. Now, having been developing software on the Salesforce platform, I have had to modify my opinion.

      There is more to it than simply putting your stuff on someone else's computer. That computer comes with a shed load of software that makes "your stuff" be more and let's you do more with it.

      Sure, someone could sell an on-premise version of such software, but (as is suggested by what happened here) it is probably quite complex and difficult to administer and keep up-to-date. That means you probably would not bother to have it and would not be able to do nearly so much with your data.

      I still have my concerns about cloud and as a private individual without any real need for clever use of my data, I am more than happy with a personal NAS with RAID to store my files, locked down with no sharing across the public internet.

      As a corporate user, however, I can see the value. And I wonder how many outages and the level of cost I would have suffered with my own kit compared with using something like Salesforce.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re:not wanting to defend Salesforce, but...

        Having once had to be a user of Salesforce I wonder how users managed to cope with the huge upswing in productivity when the edifice fell down.

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