back to article If you're using Harbor as your container registry, bear in mind it can be hijacked with has_admin_role = True

IT departments using the Harbor container registry will want to update the software ASAP, following Thursday's disclosure of a bug that can be exploited by users to gain administrator privileges. Aviv Sasson, of Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 security team, found that under its default settings, Harbor accepts an API call that …

  1. Steve K

    Cute nicknames?

    opted not to brand it with a cute nickname.

    Pah! Not even trying ;-):

    Set Easily Admin Login - Harbor SEAL

    Set Admin F@cking Easily - SAFE Harbor

    Fiddle User Giving IT Vast Editing - Harbor FUGITIVE

    Sorry - I'll stop now as I have some work to do - which is probably why they didn't name it in the first place.....

  2. GnuTzu

    The Straight and Curly

    "has_admin_role" = “True”

    Hmmm, both straight and curly quotes.

    I guess I'm not the only one who has to remember to click ctrl-u when typing code in emails and documents.

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