back to article How to break out of a hypervisor: Abuse Qemu-KVM on-Linux pre-5.3 – or VMware with an AMD driver

A pair of newly disclosed security flaws could allow malicious virtual machine guests to break out of their hypervisor's walled gardens and execute malicious code on the host box. Both CVE-2019-14835 and CVE-2019-5049 are not particularly easy to exploit as they require specific types of hardware or events to occur. However, …

  1. Crazy Operations Guy

    This bug is going to be around for a while

    In my experience, anyone who relies on the ability to migrate machines isn't going to risk that by moving to a kernel that is less than a week old.

    1. Maventi

      Re: This bug is going to be around for a while

      True regarding running bleeding edge kernels, but the big distros will have this backported to their older kernel images pretty quickly so that will be most users covered.

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