back to article confirms: Yes, our former DWP perm sec will join Salesforce

The government has confirmed former permanent secretary at the Department for Work and Pensions, Robert Devereux, has rocked up at ethical SaaS oufit Salesforce as veep of global public sector. The senior Brit civil servant's move to the part-time position was first revealed by The Register in June. The former permanent …

  1. macjules


    helping Salesforce think through and demonstrate the strengths of its products and its likely appeal within the public sector

    And not at all to influence permanent undersecretaries in their decision to move away from companies such as Salesforce?

  2. Commswonk

    Obligatory Dilbert

    Devereux told the advisory committee on business appointments the role that tempted him out of early retirement "will largely be a mix of thought leadership and strategy, especially in the first year."

    I wonder if he means like this:

  3. MatthewE

    Public Sector Sell?

    What does the public sector sell to require sales force?

    Genuinely asking as we started using it but it slowed our sales team down no end so we sacked it off.

    1. LeahroyNake

      Re: Public Sector Sell?

      Sophos moved to Sales force a few years ago from their own in house system. It used to work and was helpful. Now it's quicker for me to phone or email them with quote requirements than it is to try and navigate the mess that they have.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: Public Sector Sell?

        So senior management from DWP would fit right in.

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Public Sector Sell?

      What does the public sector sell to require sales force? ... MatthewE

      Secret IntelAIgent Services to Internet ServicedD Providers, MatthewE, is No Small Step and Giant Quantum Leap to Bounty Beyond Imagination.

      And Uncanny Almighty Belief Territory for a Right Motley Crew Few Too. :-) And Quite Perfect for a Helluva Greater Noble Novel Ride ...... with Instantly Insatiably Addictive Temptations to Savour and Favour with Enrapturing Encapturing Attention to Passionate Mutually Satisfying Desire and Lust. They be as Brother and Sisters of the Nymph and Satyr.

      Don't just take it from here, but there, in Uncanny Almighty Belief Territory, a little bit more of what you fancy does you real good, time and time again .... ad infinitum. That's what's so Awesomely Insatiably Attractive about it, for what's not to like?

      And who's to say it is not a Proprietary Top Secret Intellectual Property in AIDevelopment/Virtual Deployment with Salesforce Special Services Personnel?

      Certainly not any here, that's for sure. :-)

  4. Chris G

    I seem to remember a few ex NHS types have got positions with some private healthcare companies who are looking to do business with the UK.

    I think we need stronger contracts and NDAs for these positions in the civil service.

  5. LeahroyNake

    How much?

    With an IT budget of £800 million!

    They could build their own body private cloud in the UK. Quit wasting tax payers money on multinational corps that do their best not to pay any tax at all!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As Private Eye like to point out, that committee have never disapproved of anyone moving from public procurer to private supplier, ever.

  7. phuzz Silver badge

    "He will be "drawing on his knowledge of the government's general concerns for value for money and more for less""

    Wait, so he's going to be telling them that the government would prefer to spend as little money as possible?

    Well I can see why they need him, I'm sure all of their usual customers want to spend as much as they possibly can, for as little possible service, right? After all, that would fit in with paying this bloke (presumably) more than the £180k he used to be on, for useless nuggets of information like this.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I wonder who the ex DWP employee is who got Bobby the gig at Salesforce? It certainly is a Mistry...

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