back to article D'aw! They still have hope! Interns make a song and dance of their summer at Microsoft

While trying not to let themselves be too distracted by the 30-odd interns doing Glee Club in the courtyards of Redmond, Microsoft workers kicked off September with a flurry of releases for Windows 10, .NET Core, Visual Studio and more. Microsoft goes all Musical Theatre for its latest video Interns and employees at Microsoft …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We can't write software but we can put on a stage performance.

    Perhaps that was the mistake - so put Danny Boyle in charge of Windows development. He after all can deliver a world class performance on time.

  2. Teiwaz

    refreshingly am-dram

    There's nothing refreshing about am-dram in my experience. But then, for me, the word 'glee' conjures up images of a delighted Emperor Palpatine.

    The whole thing suits MS though, after all, their software releases of late could only be considered poor dress rehersals submitted to paying theatre goers.

  3. SVV

    150 participants put in the hours outside of their regular jobs

    "Or else".

    All good training for their futures tho, in which they'll spend the hours outside of their regular jobs on panicky late night bugfixing sessions.

  4. Joe Gurman

    Real interns or....

    .... paid actors, as we say in the US? Or in this case, paid dancers and overdubbers.

    1. karlkarl Silver badge

      Re: Real interns or....

      There is barely any white Caucasian males in that video. With the artificial [in]equality recruitment strategy currently in place at Microsoft, that suggests to me it is real interns doing the video XD

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Production values

    I'm really impressed - not so much the song and dance - but the music is outstanding. Composer, orchestrator (especially), conductor and entire band from within the company's ranks. (I saw one 'session musician' sneak in there!) Now if only they had a brass band - it could be Grimethorpe but high tech ;-)

    And what the hell is an "Explorer Intern"?

    1. Borg.King

      Re: Production values

      And what the hell is an "Explorer Intern"?

      Two options come to mind:

      1) An intern working on the team that maintains the file explorer windows,

      2) An intern sent to look for building 7.

  6. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    Microsoft Interns?

    I've already seen Les Misérables.

    1. HandleAlreadyTaken

      Re: Microsoft Interns?

      Well, a Microsoft intern makes about $7100 per month (ignoring all other perks, like free laptops or whatnot); I expect lots of people would be glad to be as miserable as they are...

  7. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

    'Windows mixed reality market share is declining'

    Yes, that's probably because they're generally not being sold any more and are supplanted by Oculus products. I have one, complete bargain at £150 in the last Black Friday sale.

    At the time the WMR headsets had the advantage of not needing any base stations, and having a higher resolution. The Rift S has removed those advantages, and the other Oculus products such as the Quest are completely wires free. The only advantage WMR might have is price, and it hasn't gone on sale again.

    Not to mention that in general the Oculus store is a lot more complete than the Windows store for VR. For a lot of apps you really need to use SteamVR, and that's typical Steam - updating all the time, and sometimes breaking.

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