back to article Hm. Is it wise to assume 'no material disruption' from 'volatile' UK climate, Dixons Carphone?

The gods of mobile sales continue to frown on Dixons Carphone as the loss-making unit reported another quarter of shrinkage. In a trading update for the 13 weeks ended 27 July – Dixons' Q1 – the group as a whole reported flat revenue as gains in the Nordics, Greece and the UK & Ireland electrical unit were wiped out by mobile …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "we stand by our full-year guidance"

    In other words, what happened last year should happen this year. Or : I have no idea what might change in the market, so I'll just assume everything stays the same.

    No wonder kingdoms fall and civilizations vanish with that kind of forecasting.

    Is Dixons Carphone relying on Gartner, by any chance ?

  2. batfink

    It depends...

    Well it depends on whether they've already priced in anticipated upsets. They may have already taken a stab at how much disruption would cost.

    But judging by their past performance, I'd guess not...

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