back to article Mozilla shaves down Beard to a luxuriant mustache, looks for new CEO by end of year

Chris Beard announced today he will be stepping down as CEO of Mozilla at the end of this year. After five and a half years of leading Moz, and 15 years in total with the Firefox maker, Beard says he will give up the hot seat, though he won't be leaving the organization completely: he will stick around albeit no longer in …

  1. Claverhouse Silver badge

    I Truly Loved Firefox

    Now it's just a clean minimalist Fat Slab Styled mess without the extensions I really do need. And Mozilla is dead for me.

    Eheu fugaces !


    Also, what's with the quick rate of releases ? Just gives the impression of uncertainty and incompetence.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: I Truly Loved Firefox

      "And Mozilla is dead for me."

      So...what are you using then?

      "Also, what's with the quick rate of releases ?"

      Fast release cycle also gives the impression that they're really pouring resources and inventing new stuff on monthly if not weekly basis. Has worked for Google with their 76 major Chrome releases in just 10 years.

      1. Claverhouse Silver badge

        Re: I Truly Loved Firefox

        I'm using an very old version of Firefox, and an IceCat [ though that browser is in severe decline ] and Seamonkey [ not hot on extensions either, though it's the latest ].

        Sometimes Palemoon and Waterfox, both have presentation problems. [ All those listed are the same Gecko engine I guess and makes them all look much the same with each their own deficiencies --- which shows the severe deficit of browsers for any platform, since the main alternative is a Blink engine, and I've always rather felt Google destroyed the browser market with their unpleasant and simplistic Chrome.]

        Vivaldi, which is hilariously bad ( they can't even get the tabs to spread along, instead concertinaing them into tiny tiny narrow tabs and if you accidentally close a window, you can't just restore it entire ) but can reach some sites my Firefox refuses: Brave is exactly as fugly, but I erased it with salt and fire as soon as I realised it pulled in the unbearable GVFs not just polluting KDE with GNOME stuff, but this horrible thing throws up dozens of cpu-crunching instances in the task manager.

        Installed Yandex, but it doesn't work.

        Originally it seems there was basically only NetScape/Mozilla or Microsoft. Now just Mozilla or Google.

        Progress brings Choice.

  2. dajames Silver badge

    Works for me

    I use Firefox every day because it seems to be the least bad of all the major browsers.

    It doesn't bring me any actual joy, but it's less of a PITA than the others I've tried ... and much nicer than Chrome on my phone.

    Hmm ... it's been a few years since I tried Firefox on Android. It was a bit crap then but may be better now. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Works for me

      Same here. Firefox is my default browser and will remain so as long as I can run NoScript and uBlock Origin. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

      That said, I've tried Brave and it really is fast. Noticeably faster than Firefox. Somehow, I still stick with Firefox though.

    2. ThatOne Silver badge

      Re: Works for me

      > I use Firefox every day because it seems to be the least bad of all the major browsers.

      Same here, although Mozilla makes every effort to fix that, and turn Firefox into a second-rate Chrome.

      I switched to Mozilla/Firefox around the turn of the century, when Netscape died, and have been using it since, for almost 2 decades now. Unfortunately in the last years it feels like living with a psychotic person shuffling around the furniture every other week in search of the "perfect" decoration, utterly annoying and utterly pointless.

      This is not the best way to attract new users, it's not even the way to keep the existing ones. But I realize Mozilla staff doesn't care about users, they live in their cozy ivory tower, far away from the world. Beard's panegyric shows it.

      I liked Firefox. :-(

  3. Robigus

    This became darker than I intended.

    Frankly as it's an open source browser that doesn't belong to one of the unhealthily voyeuristic self-respect euthenising behemoths of a whitened-teeth "connect and share" dystopia, it gets my vote.

    As I just wrote that I have visions of Richard Attenborough holding a mask over a victims face in "10 Rillington Place" saying "Just relax, relax. Connect and share, connect and share".

    Multi-account containers are excellent.

    I need a pint.

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