1. Slarti Bartfast

    Feature request

    Hi Vultures,

    When I'm reading the comments on an article I sometimes see: "This post has been deleted by its author". We all see the world through our own eyes, so to me that reads as: I said something stupid or bigoted, probably had a backlash of downvotes, consulted with my PR people and my rabbi, sat sipping Bovril looking out of the rainy window for a while, then clicked "withdraw". I discovered the other day that when I wrote a comment and submitted it without checking it properly then immediately withdrew it to do some more research, it appeared as "This post has been deleted by its author", despite it never having been visible to others.

    I know this isn't a big thing but it changes my reading of the comments, it adds a darker tone - maybe just to me.

    My feature request is to not display the deletion message if the comment never made it through the ten minute window. If the comment was never displayed to other people, why should they see that one has been deleted?

  2. Marco Fontani


    If a post has ever been made visible / has been approved, prior to having been withdrawn, we show "This post has been deleted by its author".

    This happens fairly often as we kinda auto-approve posts after you've been a (non-naughty) user of the site for a little while.

    if instead a story's forum is moderated, or you're getting moderated... or you've not yet reached the threshold for your posts to be auto-accepted, and you submit a post which hasn't been accepted yet.. and then withdraw it... in that case, instead, we just won't show the post at all.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Slarti Bartfast

      Makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

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