back to article Pat Gelsinger vows to upgrade VMware's once 'bad' open-source rep to the 'very' best by 2021

Ahead of day-two of VMware's VMworld 2019 conference in San Francisco, CEO Pat Gelsinger promised to further overhaul the virtualization giant's reputation in the open-source world. Before we get to that, let's quickly summarize what we understand will be announced, or bragged about, on Tuesday at the conference. The Avi …

  1. sbt Silver badge

    The very most

    I think that's PR speak for "we're going to keep exploiting all the free code, but we recognise the need to make you less angry about it for the sake of our reputation and revenue".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The very most

      Cough... SCSI... Cough

  2. AMBxx Silver badge


    I used to understand what VMWare did. Now I find it a confusing mess of overlapping products. Looks designed to force large corps to employ large VMWare partners for advise.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The partner rental program is also deleting the 5 point product in March 2020, so you need to buy a 7 point product or more likely 8 point to replace it so a 60% increase in cost. Some products have become so complicated that you need a management cluster of four hosts dedicated to VCSA and NSX manager (if you're using HA which you will be) plus the various other controllers, tools and managers you now need - and these of course also take up memory, a lot of memory. You can be dedicating 250GB of memory to the VMware management plane and tools alone, before you even start with your customer VMs and you only get 72GB free with the base license, which is also obviously chargeable. And everything has to be on at least 10Gig network, no 1Gig anymore, it's just not got the throughput.

    VMware was once an ultra stable, simple platform but it's now complicated, expensive, error prone and has lost the original concept of what a hypervisor should be.

    1. DougMac

      10G switches are the base standard in the data center now-a-days? We've been deploying 10G ones with 40G uplinks for some years already. 25G switches (with 100G uplinks) look to be the upcoming base standard soon. These are basic datacenters, not 400G/100G spline-and-leaf monsters. I don't see them dropping 1G as a supported option as one needing the bandwidth, but just reflecting the base level in the datacenter switching now-a-days. VMware is targeting datacenters, not a small company. I'd have thought the pricing alone would have cut out all the small companies.

      You don't have to use NSX if you don't want. We don't deploy NSX in our management clusters.

      A lot of the tools are there to provide options. The basic VMware Hypervisor is there just the same. You use the tools that work for you. If you need options in NSX, then use it. If not, you'll probably need external boxes to do that function, same as in the past. You'll lose some of the distributed nature of NSX then. Likewise, don't use VSAN? You'll still need external shared storage.

      You seem a bit all over, if you are worried about VCSP Standard going away (5 point rental), you can't be using any thing beyond the basics, as you don't get VDS with Standard, and *anything* advanced (ie NSX, VSAN, etc. etc. etc) all requires VDSs on Enterprise Plus (7 point rental) plans. I think the only time we deployed VCSP 5 point rental ones were for private cloud customers with two hosts and two networks. (ie. the most basic which probably were better served with other solutions anyway).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You're right, we don't have to deploy NSX but to get the full benefit you need to utilise what's there. The 5 point bundle includes VDS which is about the most useful part of the bundle over and above the vSphere Ent base package - this is a very strong package as it also comes with vCloud Director.

        The only 7 point option pushes you onto NSX which you can choose not to use but you're paying for it anyway, one 8 point bundle has no networking at all and the other has NSX advanced.

        We used to use older switches for test systems, development etc but that now needs 10G. New hosts are 40G.

        We don't use vSan, not sure who would in a commercial environment ?

        1. Ima Ballsy

          Oh shit ......

          My head exploded. I feel like I've just read an Oracle Licensing agreement .....

          1. returnofthemus

            Re: Oh shit ......


            Don't worry, those Oracle licenses include access to the Oracle Cloud , there I think you'll find the database is completely autonomous, just like one of those Tesla cars on auto-pilot, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

        2. rcxb Silver badge

          We don't use vSan, not sure who would in a commercial environment ?

          vSAN makes more and more sense as NVMe drives get faster (and cheaper). You can have your data storage (the major bottleneck) local and fast, unconstrained by network speeds, while still having the option of HA/vMotion/etc.

          1. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

            How can it be unconstrained by network speeds? Any write still has to go to at least 2 nodes over the network and receive an acknowledgment.

          2. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Try doing that with 30 hosts !

  4. Azerty


    Will it have a fully functional interface that's not build in Flash?

    1. DougMac

      Re: vSphere

      Current versions of vSphere is fully HTML5, and new features only go into the H5 client.

      The flash client is deprecated, and strongly points you over to the H5 interface with banners or notices telling you the flash client is deprecated. The HTML5 has been complete for a few years.

      While not all VMware products are flash free yet, they are well on their way, at least on the newer versions.

      I don't think vSphere 7.0 is slated to be completely rid of the flash client, but it could be by the time it rolls out.

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