back to article Python the latest language to slither into Microsoft's serverless Azure Functions service

Python developers – the world of Azure Functions is yours at last. Having been in preview for a while, support for Python 3.6 on the Azure Functions 2.0 platform has emerged blinking into the light with Microsoft unsurprisingly pitching the tech directly at those who like a little serverless with their machine learning and …

  1. Ragarath

    Someone crueller than us might say "jack of all trades, master of none".

    But...but...but... you said it! My head hurts.

    1. RichardBarrell

      Someone crueller - but also someone equally cruel. :D

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    meanwhile the entire world is using AWS?


    Python Good To See Penetration

    Hadn't seen to much python stuff lately, so good to see it is making its way into Azure, useful language to code in.

    Python it's a bit like the time machine in Big Bang Theory it has so many uses. For example in the Big Bang Theory I noticed they didn't use the Time Machine to sort out issues of the past such as being locked in a larder in Chechnyia, wasn't that in one of the Big Bang episodes?

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