back to article Yorkshire public sector procurement body YPO opens £400m framework for data centres, cloud hosting and security

Public sector procurement body Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) has opened its £400m framework for data centres, cloud hosting and data security. YPO is owned by 13 local authorities in the north of England and supplies products and services to councils, schools, charities and emergency services. In total, 29 suppliers …

  1. NeilPost Silver badge

    In lieu of payment

    Perhaps Amazon and HMRC could do a deal when Amazon dodge tax and HMRC dodge paying for AWS.

    Could we call it barter ???

  2. Locky

    Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation?

    We used dream of Purchasing Organisation. We used to negotiate our Cloud services individually

    You were lucky to have a cloud, all we had was a datacentre in o' middle of motoway


  3. NeilPost Silver badge

    everything done proper ??

    So do they only buy Broadband/fibre/mobile from Plusnet so it’s ‘homegrown’ like Yorkshire Tea.

    If not, gonna send Sean Bean around to make sure everything is done proper.

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