back to article Alibaba: There's a trade war going on? Could've fooled us – just check out these swollen digits

Alibaba, China's nearest equivalent to Amazon, is weathering the "uncertain economic" landscape caused in part by the "trade war" between the US and Middle Kingdom governments. The group reported Q1 revenues of ¥114.924bn ($16.751bn) for the three months to 30 June fiscal '20, up a whopping 42 per cent year-on-year. There was …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    just check out these swollen digits

    maybe the digits are swollen and even up, but when I joined aliexpress a couple of years ago, they offered 4 USD "starting bonus". Last year I saw it go down to 3 USD, and now it's 2 USD. Interestingly, it also depends on which IP you enter their site from.

  2. Mikel

    All express has some great stuff

    It takes me a long time to find what I am looking for, but they have some amazing things. And then it takes two weeks to ship it. The prices are amazing though.

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Re: All express has some great stuff

      Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 weeks to arrive at my place, but it seems a bit churlish to complain about free shipping on a $3 pair of headphones.

  3. Krammig

    What a joke... If you have been dealing with Alibaba and China as long as I have you will know the truth.

    Fake Seller Rating that they actually pay for. Yes, those little logos that say 3Yrs or 5Yrs etc are "paid for".

    Fake shipments that contain just air so the tracking is there but no actual product

    Good sold are at times (more times than you think) rejects product line items which are sold as new

    Fraudulent Sellers who just do not ship. Period.

    And the list goes on.

    Alibaba chargers Sellers significant fees so don't be fooled product sales are up.

    1. inquisitive2014

      A Satisfied AliExpress Customer

      Krammig I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with Ali Express. I have bought over 30 items from Ali Express over the last 2 years and have no complaints. Items are as described, Shipping times are accurate. Deliveries have arrived.

  4. adam 40 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Customs? What customs?

    To implement the "Trade War" you have to charge appropriate customs duties.

    But when your (non scamming) Alibaba vendor "helpfully fills out" the customs docket on the parcel with "less information" than is strictly necessary, the import duties seem to vanish!!!

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