back to article Tariffs, don't like it. Rock the AFA, rock the AFA: NetApp's all-flash sales crash hits top-line stats

A sharp slowdown in enterprise customers' all-flash array purchases has sucker-punched NetApp, and though it is hiring more sales heads to fix this worry, things aren't forecast to get better anytime soon. NetApp warned investors a fortnight ago that things had gone awry but the actual decline for its Q1 of fiscal '20 ended 26 …

  1. ma1010

    Tariffs. Why?

    Historically, tariffs had the purpose of protecting home industry against foreign competition. For example, 150 years ago, America had a big textile industry and had tariffs in place to force up the price of foreign textiles so they would not be cheaper to buy than American made.

    Today, though, take a trip through the industrial rust belt and visit the American factories that make all the stuff we import from China. Can't find them? Me, neither.

    So, as far as I can tell, tariffs are really just a tax, and their main effect would be to act as a brake on the economy, which isn't something we likely need.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Tariffs. Why?

      Why? Because the Idiot in Chief has thrown all his toys out of the pram, and is now resorting to petulance. It's one of the sure signs of senility.

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