back to article While US ban hit Huawei and inventory overload clipped Apple, Samsung quietly stole smartphone market share back in Q2

Samsung exploited Apple's iPhone channel inventory glut and the continued political campaign against Huawei to sell more than 18.3 million smartphones into European retailers and distributors in Q2. This equated to shipment growth of 19.62 per cent, handing Sammy a 40.6 per cent share of the spoils in a total market that was …

  1. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge


    Xiaomi had the best percentage increase - and as their products are generally considerably cheaper than equivalent Samsung phones they could become a challenge to Samsung's dominance of the smartphone market.

    1. Gis Bun

      Re: Xiaomi

      Ummm. They are very far away from Samsung's sales.

      Samsung has also many "ties".

      home theater, SmartThings, etc.

      Easier to stick with a compabny where you already have stuff from.

  2. John Savard Silver badge

    Wait a Moment

    I know that my smartphones were from companies like HTC and Blu. None of that expensive Samsung kit for me, so what's this about them having a stranglehold on the market.

    Oh, wait a moment. I needed to get a fancier smartphone so that I could participate in the RuneScape mobile beta. Nobody had any of that recently-obsoleted model that had a replaceable battery from LG in stock, so I wound up getting... a Galaxy A8. Maybe there's something to this after all!

  3. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    Vice-like grip

    Are you suggesting that Samsung phones are a bad habit?

  4. Lee D Silver badge

    Meanwhile, despite owning a Samsung laptop, two Samsung smartphones (old ones, though), and a Samsung TV - all independently and based on their merits rather than because of the name - I am now instead looking at a Nokia 2.2.

    Removable battery. Removable microSD card. Headphone socket. Dual-SIM versions. 4G. Doesn't have 47 cameras. Latest and clean Android. GPS, GLONASS and Baidou, ~£100.

    1. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

      If I wasn't looking for a keyboard phone, that sounds very attractive.

      As it is, the Fxtec Pro1 Android landscape keyboard phone is going to ship, and should hopefully last for years.

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Plus there are rumors of Samsung boosting battery capacity and commercially using graphene at the same time in a product only 1 year away. Nobody else has rumors for battery boosting or graphene tech so close to production - not even after the original "5-20 years away" estimates have come and gone.

  6. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Android phone manufacturers are akin to being a Windows PC seller. A lot of people will be happy to shift to another manufacturer if they offer the same sort of specs but at a better price.

    I haven't bought 2 phones from the same manufacturer since the early 2000s, sure some phone makes like to slap their own skin on top of Android but regardless of that I can switch manufacturers and know all my existing apps will still work.

    I don't know how much brand loyalty Apple would have if they licensed iOS to other manufacturers who could then release Apple compatible phones cheaper than Apple own devices.

  7. dajames Silver badge

    But think of the bloatware!

    Samsung, in my experience, make some quite nice Android phones (Android may not be your thing, but it's what Samsung do) but then they spoil them by loading up a cartload of apps -- including their ridiculous Bixby assistant, but also things like some Microsoft Office 365 apps and LinkedIn -- that can be neither removed nor disabled.

    I really liked the first Samsing phone I had, but there is no way I would buy one today.

  8. xpz393

    An Apple a day keeps reality away

    "Cook previously blamed sluggish demand in China and consumers holding onto their devices for longer. "

    Meanwhile, everyone else blamed Apple's ludicrously* high prices first introduced with the "X" range.

    *Ludicrous even after applying "Apple tax".

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